Chapter 20: Lumentium IX (part 1)

I remembered seeing these passages in a book one day. 

Did it say that life was a series of choices? Yes, that’s what it said…

People had the right to choose how they would live, even if they couldn’t choose the country they were born in

or their parents. 

And at the moment, I too was at a crossroads of choice. 

Will I take Ariel’s side or the Princess’s side?

However, this time, no matter who I chose, there was no way out for me. Because if I choose either side, it was certain that the other side would immediately get angry at me on the spot. 

There was no such thing as a third option. 

I knew it well because I had lived with those women for a year, and they weren’t the type of people who would allow me to slip through a gap.


Ariel was looking at me from my left, and the Princess was looking at me from my right. 

Ariel was smiling at me and the Princess was glaring at me with her eyebrows raised. 

Their facial expressions were opposite each other, but you could find one thing in common. It was that the two people’s eyes showed no sign of leaving me.

“Cain. Please answer me soon. It’s just a very simple answer, so why are you wasting so much time?”

“Heir to Estel. Please open your mouth and answer me. How long are you going to keep me waiting?”

‘…what do you want me to say?’


On the side, Aria was staring at my face with a blank expression as if she had nothing to do with the atmosphere of the current situation. But I could see that her hand was trembling, maybe due to the tension.

Well, it was not like Aria would be able to do anything to help me, it’s just that I was unlucky to get caught up in this situation. 

‘Just how unlucky do I have to be to get between these two women?’


I sighed softly and gently grabbed Aria’s hand, which was trembling all over. I hoped that she would calm down a little. 

It was entirely an act of pure intention…at least, in my opinion.

However…I couldn’t even imagine that it would be an act of setting fire to a powder keg.

“Hey there, Young Lady. It would be good if you took that hand away from Cain.”

It was none other than Ariel who pulled the fuse. For some reason, her gaze, speaking in a sharp tone, was directed toward my hand, which was holding Aria’s hand tightly.


Aria looked at Ariel with a gaze that she did not understand at all, and she continued to explain to Aria in a quiet voice.

“Cain is still quite weak. He suffered from such a serious injury just a moment ago. Is it not insensitive to lean on someone who is no different from a patient just because you are having a hard time?”

Saying that, Ariel still had a smile on her lips, but only her eyes remained unsmiling. That’s why it looked even more frightening.


And as I watched the scene play out, I was speechless.

‘…did this woman really eat something wrong? Was there something that ruined her mood before she came here?’

Today, Ariel was biting everywhere as if she were a rabid dog. She was a woman who never had an argument with anyone, let alone a fight, even when we were with the expedition. But now she was acting like a crazy person who was hell bent on picking a fight with anyone.

Most importantly, Aria wasn’t holding my hand, instead it was me who was holding her hand. It also meant that she wasn’t the one Ariel should be picking a fight with. However, Ariel was reprimanding Aria as if she didn’t even notice it.

“Hmm. For now, I agree with her opinion. It doesn’t look so good when a man and woman who are neither married nor engaged are clinging so closely.”

Even the Princess, who was busy quarreling with Ariel until just now, suddenly changed sides and attacked Aria. 

I didn’t know why, but the Princess also didn’t seem to like the fact that Aria was so close to me.

‘Damn, they are both insane…’

I clicked my tongue inside and tried to let go of Aria’s hand.

But, the moment I tried to let go of Aria, her eyes turned ferocious. To put it concretely, her eyes changed from those of a trembling chick to those of a dog with a fighting spirit. 

Well, even so, I didn’t think it was scary because the eyes were so bright.

“Don’t say such things to the Young Lord, Old Lady. What on earth did Young Lord Cain do wrong to be accused like this?”

Ariel stares straight at Ariel with her eyes opened wide. 

Her expression reminded me of a praying mantis that had raised its forepaw toward it’s pray.


It must have been quite a surprise to hear such a thing from a completely unexpected person, and Ariel’s ever smiling poker face suddenly cracked.

‘Oh My God.’

I couldn’t hide my surprise when I saw Ariel’s stiff face. 

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  1. Damn I remembered when I called someone an old lady for the first time lmao . I’m sure the hostility they have towards Aria is in part towards the shattered recollections of the former Witch

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