Chapter 19: Lumentium VIII (part 2)

As far as I knew, at the present time, she should’ve gained a reputation for her unique and tremendous divine power, but had not yet been given the title of the ‘Saintess’.

Also, I knew that she was currently staying in the Holy Kingdom, the headquarters of the church, so why did she appear in a place like this?

The Saintess put on a relaxed smile on her face, as if she knew that I would be shocked to see her.

“Oh, a Saintess? I think it would be too much to call me that. I’m just one of many priests from the Church. Oh, my name is Ariel Thiers. Just call me Ariel.”

“…sorry. It seems that I had mistaken. Sainte… no, Ariel.”

“Whoops, I’m kidding. Cain has nothing to be sorry about. So there is no need to bow your head like that.”

Saying that, Ariel comforted me with a truly benevolent smile. 

If others saw her, they would have been moved by her gentle and warm heart…but not me. In the past and even now, for some reason, I felt uncomfortable with the presence of the woman named Ariel. 

That relaxed, gentle smile seemed be something completely incomprehensible for me.

“Hey, Ariel. Would it be all right if I ask you a question?”

“Yes, anything. Cain.”

I posed a question to Ariel, who just smiled while looking at me.

“Why are you here? According to rumors, you were not supposed to be in the Empire, but…”

“Yes? Does Cain not like that I am here?”

Saying that, the Saintess tilted her head slightly.

“No… that’s not…”

It was weird. 

The Saintess I knew was a woman who hated loud noises and liked to live quietly in a quiet and calm atmosphere. The combination of a noisy and crowded banquet hall and Ariel was the same as putting mint on top of chocolate, it didn’t fit very well.

However, I couldn’t talk about the knowledge I gained from the future, so I scratched my head and tried to sort through what I had already said. 

But at that time…

“You spoke well, Heir to Estel. That’s what I wanted to ask too. I am very curious as to why you were here.”

In an instant, my body stiffened at the voice I heard from behind.

Why did that woman start a fight with someone else as soon as she appeared again? 

I managed to turn my momentarily stiff neck to look at the Princess. And the next moment, I was stunned in a different way from seeing the Saintess at the banquet hall.

‘Oh My God.’

The Princess was actually wearing a dress!

And what she was wearing now was a snow- white dress. The chest part of the dress was cut deep, and the upper part was clinging to the body, subtly highlighting her beautiful curves. Also, the black girdle tied around her waist clearly showed off her slender waist. 

I was stunned by the splendor, and stared at the Princess.

‘…I really have to turn around.’

It didn’t matter if I liked it or hated it, but I knew she definitely didn’t. 

The Princess disliked wearing clothes with too much exposure. Throughout the expedition, she used to be so tightly wrapped that I could only see her face and hands as bare skin. 

But for such a woman to wear such a dress…was this a sign that the damn world was finally end tomorrow?

As I was contemplating the end of the world, the nobles around me couldn’t hide their surprise when they saw the Princess. But after a while, they hid their expressions and bowed toward the Princess to greet her.

“I greet the Moon of the Empire.”

“I greet the Moon of the Empire.”

Everyone in the banquet hall bowed and greeted the Princess. 

However, unexpectedly, there was one person who didn’t bow toward the Princess. 

That person was none other than Ariel. She just stared straight into the face of the Princess without erasing the relaxed smile from her lips.


The Princess looked at Ariel with smile. 

And Ariel, too, did the same. 

Just like that, the gazes of the Princess and Ariel collided in the air. Both women didn’t take their eyes off each other.

“…you’re clever, Ariel Thiers. According to rumors, I heard that you had a benevolent heart, but seeing it in reality, it seems that the rumors have been greatly misrepresented. Can you do service for others with such a stiff back?”

“You have misunderstood. We have already given everything to the Goddess. Our faith doesn’t allow us to bow towards just one particular person.”

At those words, the Princess’s raised her eyebrows. 

In fact, Ariel was right. In principle, priests did not have to bow down to those in power because they serve the gods. 

Yes, in principle. Few clergy actually practiced the principle in practice.

“…that’s interesting.”

The corner of the Princess’s mouth went up. 

In response, the smile across Ariel’s mouth also deepened.

And I, who was caught in the middle of that battlefield, was on the verge of going crazy with anxiety.

“You are quite amusing. Ariel Thiers.”

The Princess took her gaze away from Ariel and suddenly looked in my direction.

“Heir to Estel, what do you think? Who do you think is right? As an honorable aristocrat of the empire, I would like you to tell me your opinion.”

At the Princess’s sudden question, all the gazes of the nobles around me also flew to me. They, too, were looking really curious about my answer.


I unconsciously looked towards Ariel, as she was the only person who could save me in this situation. 

When I looked at her with a desperate look, Ariel gently nodded as if she understood everything.

“That’s right, Cain. Whose side are you on? Please make it clear here.”


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  1. Hm it’s pretty rare that you get companions of the MC that even the MC doesn’t know or like much due to their impenetrably fake demeanor.. tho it’s common in real life lmao

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