Chapter 19: Lumentium VIII (part 1)

So, the outcome of the duel was decided. 

As expected, my duel with Lucian ended with my victory.


However, it was a victory which could only be described as counterproductive. 

I accepted the duel, thinking that if it was against such an arrogant youngster, I would be able to defeat the guy with one hand. But I never imagined that Lucian was at the level of a master. 

In that sense, was I the one being arrogant?

Anyways, I was about to lose. No, it was practically the same as being defeated. The only factor that allowed me to win against him was that he was careless.


Lucian said this to me: ‘You are strong…I will do my best.’ 

He said that he would use all his power to deal with me. 

And it wasn’t a bluff. 

Lucian thoroughly carried out his word. But at the last moment, the guy was finally caught off guard. 

After concluding that the duel was decided simply by injuring my right foot, he tried to finish me off with the strongest technique he could use. Other than that, he must have wanted to conclude the duel in a way that was worthy of a knight. 

And, that was the reason for his defeat.

“…a bastard child. It’s cool.”

The guy recklessly rushed forward despite having no understanding at all about the principle the Flowing Star. And the cost of that carelessness was a devastating defeat. 

His own power was used against him, and he ended up lying on the ground like a sack of rotten potatoes. 

I had to confess, I was only able to win due to luck. If we fought again, the outcome would be very different.

“Young Lord Cain!”

It was then, Aria, who had been watching the duel from far away, ran to me.


I tried to greet Aria with a smile as she ran towards me. It was because I remembered how much she kept begging me not to get hurt before the duel.

I must have made her worry more than I thought, so I should be prepared to hear some nagging.

But that would have to wait for now…

“Eh, huh..”

I suddenly felt my legs go weak. It was momentary, but my mind also went numb. When I came to my senses, I found myself kneeling on the floor.


I saw Aria running towards me with a look that looks like she’s about to cry.

Blood flowed endlessly from my nose and mouth.


It was the result of using such immense strength with an untrained body.

“Young Lord! Are you okay? Are you seriously hurt?”

“…Aria, I’m fine. This is just because I was hurt by that ba*tard earlier.”

So I tried to make a joke about the guy lying unconscious on the floor, but things didn’t go smoothly. 

The truth was, I wasn’t feeling well at all. I saw the world spinning around me. I couldn’t even properly focus on Aria, who was in front of me. 

At this rate, I would be in the same position as that guy Lucian, who was lying on the ground.

“…ha, Aria. I’m sorry, but can you please go to those grumpy men with sword over there and ask them to call a doctor…”

“No, I don’t think there’s any need for that.”

Then a voice I had heard so many times cuts off my words. Before I could say anything, someone put a hand on my back.

[The Goddess shines her own covenant upon those who fear her.]

A string of holy words were recited.


Almost immediately, a holy light radiated out and embraced me, centering on the hand on my back. And a warm energy from the light began to fill my whole body.


All remaining wounds on my body began to heal at a rapid speed. No, the wounds weren’t just being healed. It was as if time itself was turning backwards. The sight of the open wound being ‘restored’ to its original state in an instant was enough to make the spectators feel awe. It was an indeed an unrealistic sight.

‘Oh My God!’

Indeed, it was a display of tremendous divine power. This level of divine power was enough to match the Saintess of the previous timeline. Was there another person in the world who possessed such great divine power besides the Saintess?

“Looks like it should be done. Move your limbs.”

Just as the voice suggested, I tried to move my right foot, which had been trampled on by Lucian earlier. And I felt no pain. My current physical condition was the same as before the duel with Lucian.

“Are you feeling okay? Cain?”

“Ah, thank you…”

The moment I turned my head and looked back, my face hardened involuntarily. The person I thought I would never meet here was standing behind my back.

Her face was the same as the last timeline without any change. She had light purple hair that reached her waist, as well as a pair of beautiful eyes that looked like they were studded with emeralds. Her gorgeous and well-groomed features were the same as well.

And that meaningful smile that I couldn’t quite understand. 

She was someone I knew well.

So I called out to her in a dazed voice without even realizing it.



The Saintess, Ariel Thiers.

A woman who was born with the most powerful divine power in human history and was called the incarnation of a goddess. 

She was the first servant whose faith in the goddess reached the boundary of the heavens and was ‘blessed’ by the Goddess herself to prove that she was her favored child. 

At the same time, she was the best cleric and strongest shield in the possession of the church.

It is said that the power she received from the goddess, the ‘Guardian of Radiance’, instantly banished all evil from the present world, thereby dispelling all negative effects. 

And I was well aware that there was no exaggeration in those words. Because at the time of the final battle with the Witch of Winter, the Saintess’ ‘Guardian of Radiance’ was the thing that saved our lives several times against the witch’s absolute attack.

However, that was something that happened in the past timeline.

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  1. Oh? The prayer seems a bit intriguing. Don’t gods with these holy magic saints only reserve their power for the merciful and kind in these chants? Instead of enforcing vows on those who dislike the gods

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