Chapter 18: Lumentium VII (part 2)

“Cain von Estel.”


“I apologize for my earlier rudeness. You are strong. It was no coincidence that I fell to my knees even for a moment. So…I will do my best as well.”

No matter what tricks the opponent used, he would defeat them with overwhelming force in a straightforward manner. That was the path Lucian chose for himself.

In the next moment, a burst of powerful energy was released from Lucian’s body. The energy soon turned into a blue energy, and started condensing around Lucian’s sword.


“My God, how old is Sir Lucian this year?”

“Has he reached such a realm at his age? It seems that House Tournigen has produced a rare genius!”

The onlookers couldn’t hide their amazement at the aura emanating from Lucian’s sword. 

However, their voices didn’t reach Lucian’s ears. His whole heart was only focused on defeating Cain.


Of the two, the one who moved first was Lucian.


The speed of Lucian, who began to emit his aura in earnest, was so fast that it was incomparable to that of the moment before. 

To the extent that even Cain, who was closely watching the opponent’s movements, could not

follow him for a moment.


Cain couldn’t get the timing right. So this time, he wasn’t able to use the ‘Flowing Star’. 

At the last moment, all he could infer was where Lucian’s sword’s trajectory was heading, and he focused the entirety of his bodily functions into avoiding the attack.


Lucian’s sword narrowly grazed Cain’s chest. 

Fresh b1ood gushed out from where Lucian’s sword had passed. However, the wound was shallow, and it wasn’t fatal.

But, Lucian’s goal wasn’t Cain’s chest in the first place.



Lucian’s foot strongly trampled Cain’s right foot. 

In an instant, with a sudden burst of pain, Cain felt that the bones in his right foot were most likely broken. Now it would be impossible for him to move with the same speed as before.

“…this. Was this your goal from the start?”

What Lucian was aiming for in the first place was to take away Cain’s mobility. It was because the movement that let Cain suddenly disappear from sight was not something that even Lucian, who had awakened his aura, could ignore. 

As a result, Cain, who wouldn’t be able to use that bizarre move anymore, would become powerless against Lucian from this point onwards.

“Kain von Estel, you will no longer be able to perform that bizarre movement. As I said, from now on, I will fight with all my might.”

Saying that, Lucian drew his sword horizontally. 

In response, Cain hurriedly lowered his head to the side.


The wall of the banquet hall, far away, was smashed. It must have been the result of Lucian’s sword attack earlier.

“…that’s crazy.”

Cold sweat ran down Cain’s back. Had that attack hit him just now, he would have been split in two like an insect specimen.

However, there was no time to rest. 

Lucian took a step forward and kicked Cain hard in the chest with his left foot. It was a response to Cain’s kick

from earlier.



Cain, who was hit by Lucian’s kick and rolled on the floor of the banquet hall.

However, Lucian didn’t intend to pursue Cain. Even though it was a good opportunity to attack the opponent, Lucian just watched as Cain gasped for breath and slowly raised his body.

“…hahaha! What…why don’t you attack? Didn’t I tell you? I will fight with all my might.”

That didn’t just mean that he wouldn’t hesitate to use any means and methods. It was also a declaration that he would end the enemy with the strongest technique he could use.

“I will not kill you. However, you will need to recuperate in bed for a while.”

‘It is a courtesy to you, who embarrassed me even for a moment when I reached the level of a Master.’


Taking a stance, the aura from Lucian’s sword expanded and a sharp sound filled the banquet hall. The aura that remained in the air didn’t disappear, but remained in the air akin to sharp teeth that threatened to bite the opponent in front of its master.

The name of this technique that allowed the user to strike in all directions was the “Reverse Moon”. Now, it didn’t even matter if Cain used his injured foot and performed that bizarre move once again. 

No, on the contrary, Lucian hoped he would. If Cain moved hastily, his body would be torn apart by the ferocious howling storm of aura.

“This is the end!”

Lucian declared, as he brought his sword down.  

At that moment, the aura spread all over the place started to explode towards a target called Cain!

But right at that moment, Lucian saw it.


In a situation that could be called a desperate crisis, Cain only smiled bitterly at himself.

“Thank you, Lucian von Tournigen. Because you are a fair knight. Had you not sought complete victory, I might have been defeated…”

Muttering so, Cain grabbed the empty space with his hand. 

And, the results were truly astonishing.

“This, this…!”

The aura of the Reverse Moon that exploded at Cain, escaped from Lucian’s control. Eventually, the aura began to flow into Cain’s control, against Lucian’s will!

“…kuh! Impossible!”

The Reverse Moon was a technique in which Lucian’s aura was condensed in the air and shaped according to his will. It was the same as part of Lucian’s body. But now he was losing control? It was like having your limbs rebel against your will!


Eventually, Lucian’s aura condensed on Cain’s hand. His aura was gently swirling in Cain’s hands as if it were acknowledging him as its new master.

Seeing that scene, the word ‘defeat’ appeared in Lucian’s mind.

“Cain von Estel!”

However, he was not one to give up so easily. Lucian’s will, which had been trained countless times to the level of a master, cries out that he couldn’t accept defeat!


Lucian channeled all the aura remaining in his body into his sword. 

The name of the skill that Lucian was about to perform was the “Beginning”. Among the techniques he knew, it was a single sword thrust that boasted the fastest speed. With this, he would be able to finish everything before the enemy could even notice!


The next moment, Lucian disappeared from the banquet hall. No one in the room caught Lucian’s movements. 

Even Lucian himself couldn’t properly perceive his own movements. 

And Cain also seems to have failed to capture Lucian’s movement. 

A smile forms on Lucian’s lips. 

‘This is it!’


However, in a fleeting moment, he saw Cain’s hand begin to move like an illusion. His right hand, where Lucian’s aura was concentrated, gently gripped Lucian’s sword. 

The way Cain did it was very precise, as if he had calculated everything in advance.


However, he was a step too late to notice. By the time Lucian came to that realization, everything was already over.


The sword and the hand collided. 

Cain snatched the sword from Lucian’s grasp, and casually threw it away like garbage. 

For what he wanted to do next, he didn’t need the sword anymore.

In the blink of an eye, Lucian realized that he was looking at the ceiling of the banquet hall. And the next moment, he found himself meeting the floor on his back.


After that, Cain’s full-powered fist connected with Lucian’s stomach!


The shock passed through Lucian’s ribs, penetrated his back, making even the floor of the banquet hall shake.

Lucian’s vision began to go dark, and he passed out.

Looking down at the unconscious Lucian, Cain grumbled at him in a low voice.

“You ba*tard, when you start a fight in the future, think twice about who you’re fighting. If you keep up with that ‘I am a master’ complex, then the only thing you will get is a punch to the gut.”

Thus, the outcome of the duel was decided.

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