Chapter 13: Midterm Begins (part 3)

We would face off against Stella in the semifinals. 

It was much faster than I had expected. 

Anyways, I turned to look at Syrah and inquired about the information about our opponents.

Syrah quickly provided their information, displaying the same confidence she had shown from the start. 

After checking the opponent team’s match order, I realized that there was no need for a specific strategy.

“If we use that strategy from the beginning, other teams are sure to follow suit. If that happens, we’ll be in a lot of trouble.”


“Let’s follow the standard order for now. Be cautious, even if you have a natural advantage, but there’s no guaranteed outcome.”

“Yep… I’ll be careful.”

The first match started. 

As expected, Syrah was defeated, but Mars and I emerged victorious.

I praised Mars for his hard work, “Well done.”

“Thank you…”

After that, there were no major changes. My team, Stella’s, and another team from a Count family advanced to the semifinals.

The only unexpected thing was that Marquis family’s team, which was expected to reach the quarterfinals, was defeated by the Count’s team due to some bad luck in the matchups.

In the end, a team with no 3-star summon reached the semifinals.

[The quarterfinals will begin shortly…]

Soon, it was time. 

It was time for us to face Stella’s team. 

I made eye contact with Syrah.

‘Are you going to use it?’

‘Of course.’

Although we didn’t speak, our meaning was conveyed.

Syrah immediately changed the order of appearances and submitted it; and Mars entered the match first.

Seeing him appear first, Noah exclaimed in surprise, “Huh? Why are you here…?”

However, unlike Noah, who couldn’t understand the situation, Stella quickly grasped what had happened and screamed, “This is cheating!”


“Because 1-star Summoners are supposed to face 1-star Summoners!”

“There are no such rules. Wasn’t that rule only applied to the team formation?”

Stella frowned upon hearing my words. 

Noah looked at me and said, “You’re too cunning!”

I smiled bitterly. We were certainly being unfair, but we had to win, so it couldn’t be helped. 

The path of winners was full of such cruelty. In order to win, we had to use any means necessary.


[The winner is Noah!]


Mars was defeated…

It was only then that I remembered that Noah was the protagonist of this world.

“I’m sorry…”

The defeated Mars returned with his head bowed. 

I also frowned because I didn’t anticipate this outcome.

“It’s okay…” I tried to comfort him.

Syrah, on the other hand, stepped forward and smiled at me. 

I recalled another winning method she had mentioned.

“Are you going to use it?”

“Yes. But will you be okay?”

“I’ll be okay. Don’t worry.”

“Then I will trust you.”

Saying so, she entered the arena. 

The 2-star summoner on Stella’s team already had a smile on his face. 

He even taunted Syrah a couple of times.

“Why aren’t you giving up? Your puny 1-star Blue Bird can’t beat my Gust Hawk.”

“I don’t think so?” Syrah tilted her head.

“It seems that one needs to suffer in order to come to their senses.”

The opponent said so and summoned his summoned beast— a powerful hawk.

As it took flight, it seemed grand compared to the powerless Blue Bird.

Syrah observed it and licked her lips, “Do you think you can beat me?”

“Certainly. So give up…”

“Come forth!” Syrah commanded.

Soon after, a purple snake emerged from the back of Syrah’s hand.

It was the Violet Mamba.

The summoned beast climbed up Syrah’s body, then it stuck out its tongue and glared at the Gust Hawk.

“Violet Mamba, devour that bird!”

In the next moment, the Gust Hawk was instantly under attack.

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  1. this is kind of random but someone should make one of these reincarnated academy stories except the Korean guy goes toa hunter academy in like new York or some other stinky city and the school is just invaded by hob*s and f*nt*nyl addic*ts instead of demons and then they gotta use N*l*xone on them all. also Eric An*dre should be a recurring character, also Charlie sh*en should be there, saying 9*11 was an inside job with al*ex jones next to him whilst they’re smo*king cr*a*k c*c*ine. just a random thought.

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