Chapter 13: Midterm Begins (part 2)

Instructor Oliver said so and made eye contact with me, as if he was talking directly to me.

‘Heh, then I guess I can let loose.’ I thought.

If that was the case, the exam question was of no difference to me. 

With a quick glance, I could discern that they intended to test my knowledge. The knowledge they hadn’t found anywhere and which was beyond the current mainstream understanding.

‘I wonder just how much I should reveal…’ I thought to myself.

Having determined how much information I wanted to reveal, I began to write on the paper. 

The exam duration was three hours.

There was plenty of time for me to write.

* * *

“Stop! That’s the end.” The Instructor announced.

Time sure passed quickly. 

I halted my writing and looked up from the exam script.

Despite the generous time allocation of three hours, not a single cadet had left the room ahead of time.

‘That should be enough.’ I mused.

A whole day wouldn’t be enough to explain everything I knew, but who knew what the other cadets were aware of?

‘Did everyone else stay seated because no one else stood up?’ I wondered. 

The exam consisted of a question with no specific answer, so it was unlikely that everyone needed the entire three-hour.

Everyone here was among the best in the Empire, they were filled with pride and honor at the prospect of becoming summoners. So it was natural for them to have a competitive spirit.

“Place your completed exam papers back into the envelope and stand up.” Instructor Oliver instructed.

At his command, the cadets found the half-torn envelope and placed their papers inside it.

Then, everyone rose from their seats.

Some cadets appeared fatigued, while others wore expressions of frustration, as if three hours had not been enough time.

“Let’s take a lunch break and regroup in the afternoon.” Instructor Oliver announced.

Following his words, the cadets left the classroom together. 

I bumped into Syrah as I was exiting.

“Ian! Did you do well on the exam?” she asked.

“So-so…” I replied.

“You seem confident. Are you sure?” she inquired.

“Well, not exactly confident… but do you know who I have to defeat?”

“Who?” she pressed.

“That would be, Stella Eritz.”

I only had one girl I wanted to defeat, but to do that, I had to be at the pinnacle.

“Then you’ll definitely need my help!” Syrah said, her eyes glinting with interest.

“Great. I’ll be counting on you.” I replied.

Her confidence in me was as unwavering as a snake’s grip. 

A kingmaker, that’s what I needed.

* * *

During lunch, I invited Mars, our team member, and we spent our time discussing strategies.

Soon, it was afternoon, and we made our way back to the classroom. 

Inside, the three of us, formed a team, just like many others, while some cadets did not.

Arriving late as usual, Instructor Oliver nodded as he surveyed the divided groups.

“Some cadets wasn’t able to form a team. I anticipated this because of the absolute lack of 3-star summons. However, the faculty members have come up with a suitable alternative.”

“Does that mean it’s acceptable to form a team without 3-star pets?” I questioned.

“Yes.” He confirmed.

Despite that, the cadets didn’t easily group together. 

I knew that 1 and 2-star summoners working together wouldn’t stand a chance against a 3-star summoner.

Only a handful of cadets managed to form teams, resulting in a total of five completed teams.

Instructor Oliver, who had been preparing, returned shortly with the team assignments.

“Here are your lineups. Those not participating in the match will be given a score based on a separate test. I suppose it’s better than ending up last in the competition.”

I examined the draw he presented. 

Out of the total 16 teams, only four had 3-star summons.

Me, Stella, and two other heirs who had inherited their family’s summons

‘Among these four, there will be a winner.’ I thought, determined to win.

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  1. Logic in this novel is… non-existent? Whole academy is bending so MC would have it easy. What next? The whole world? Really lazy writing on the author part. But my favourite is that MC couldn’t form a team because everyone did it before and now we learn that there are only 4 fully formed teams! Why did the teaching staff change rules of the exam? So that MC can shine? Now only small part of the students can be graded the correct way!

    Thanks for chapter

    1. Who is this miserable fool who keeps reading a novel he clearly despises? Brother is really out here hate watching a web novel. That’s crazy LMAO

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