Chapter 13: Midterm Begins (part 1)

The sky was turning bright. I woke up, gazing at the rising dawn and relaxing myself.

It was the day of the exam, so the whole academy was abuzz. I often saw cadets studying and training early in the morning.

Unlike in the game, even the extras who didn’t get a name lived their lives with hard work.

‘If so, how hard do I have to work?’

“Whoo…” My breath escaped into the cold morning air. 

After taking a few breaths, I started running.

By the time the run was over, the sun had risen high and was illuminating the world brightly.

When I returned to the dormitory after finishing my workout, Senior Dinua was standing in front of the room, hesitating to knock on the door.


“Oh, hey, Ian…”

When she spotted me, she approached with a wide smile. Then, she pulled a small stone from the pocket of her skirt and handed it to me.

“Uh, this is what you asked for… it’s what remains when something is summoned…”

“Can you just casually give me something like this?”

“Yes, Ian, if it helps you…”

I accepted the soul stone from her and smiled in gratitude.

“Thank you so much, Senior.”

“No, if there’s anything else you want, please ask me again…”

“Then I’ll ask you again.”

With that, everything was ready.

Morning had arrived.

The exam would start soon.


The classroom buzzed with the voices of cadets preparing for the exam.

Syrah was also one of them, so as soon as she saw me, she ran straight to me and stuck with me.

“Ian, did you sleep well?”

“I did.”

“Why don’t you ask me?”

“Did you sleep well too?”

“No, I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking of you.”

Even though she was saying that, Syrah’s face was soft and full of vitality, as if she had slept for at least ten hours.

In other words, it was clear she was teasing me.

I Ignored her and took my seat. 

Syrah, on the other hand, persistently clung to me and continued her chatter.

“Did everyone arrive?”

Not long after, Oliver entered the classroom. He immediately took the attendance, addressing the cadets, and only spoke after confirming that all the cadets were present.

“As you all know, today is midterm exam day.”

Gulping sounds filled the room as nervous cadets swallowed hard. 

Oliver laughed as he looked at those cadets.

“Don’t be too nervous about the exam; you still have plenty of opportunities. This outcome can be reversed at any time.”

Offering some rare words of encouragement, Oliver proceeded to distribute the test papers to the cadets.

The cadets who received sealed envelopes began to grow anxious as they realized there were test papers inside.

This was our first self-evaluation since entering Canopus Academy. The moment had come when we could objectively assess our levels.

After glancing at the clock to check the time, Oliver confirmed that it was time and addressed the cadets.

“The exam begins now.”


Impatient cadets immediately tore open their envelopes and examined the test papers. Shouts of awe and excitement erupted here and there.

Curious about the exam question, I also opened my envelope.

There were only three sheets of paper inside, but there was only one exam question.

[Write down what you know about summons.]


I quickly grabbed a pen and tried to write down the answer but paused, contemplating the question. Writing down what I knew, if I got this wrong, wouldn’t it be a waste of time?


“Is something wrong?”

Oliver approached me and inquired while I stared at the test paper, seemingly in a daze. 

I shook my head as if nothing had happened.

However, Oliver left a word of encouragement and returned to his desk.

“Just write down what you know. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong.”

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  1. So author used plot armour on MC. Made teacher a lot better person, without ego, than MC will ever be, a complete opposite of most teachers there are. Lazy writing.

    Thanks for chapter

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