Chapter 12: How to Win (part 3)

After taking some time to think, I reached a decision.

“I’ll pass on the offer.” 

However, without forgetting her smile, Syrah tilted her head and asked, “Oh! But why?”

“Blue Birds can’t fight.”

“Aha, Ian, you think they’re useless too.”

Syrah burst into laughter and then suddenly hopped towards me. 

I was about to step back, but she grabbed my shoulder, and whispered in my ear.

“You will regret it.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes you will! Because, I have a way to win.”

“Is there a way to win in this exam?”

‘Was there such a thing…’  No matter how much I thought about it, nothing came to mind. 

Syrah burst into laughter. She seemed really happy because she had found a winning method that I had never even thought of.

“What is it?”



“I’ll tell you if you team up with me.”

“We’ll win, right?”

“Of course, don’t you believe me? I give you my word as the daughter of House Acacia, it’s a winning method.”

It was quite suspicious, but I guess I had no choice but to trust her and ended up forming a party. 

We no time to spare, as we also had to formally register out team. Eventually we teamed up with a mediocre 2-star summoner who hadn’t yet formed a team.

The guy was needlessly overjoyed over the fact that he had been chosen, “Me? You’re choosing someone like me… ?”

I ignored the guy and turned to look at Syrah, “With this we’re done. Now, Syrah. Tell me how we can win.”

“Well, it’s simple. We can make him win.” Syrah looked at Mars.

“Heh…are you sure you can?”

“Yes, yes… we sure can.”

“Ian, what about you?”

“Of course, I’ll win.”

“Then there’s no problem.”

“Is that so?”

“If you and him win, we will have 2 wins. So, there you have it, my winning method.”

I looked at Syrah with a puzzled expression, and she looked at me with a playful smile.

I quickly went to the faculty office and tried to cancel the team formation, only to come back after hearing that the already applied team couldn’t be canceled.

“Ahahahaha! Your face looks funny!”

Seriously, this was exactly why I couldn’t trust her. 

I let out a sigh of regret.

* * *

“The only condition is that there must be 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star summons in a group match, but there is no condition that a 1-star must fight against another 1-star…so, you understand what I’m getting at?”

Surprisingly, Syrah’s words were not so thoughtless. 

Mars, who was on the same team, also chimed in, “Umm…I don’t think what Syrah said is wrong…”

“See?” Syrah proudly lifted her head.

“Then, shall we use Syrah as bait?”

“Oh my, that’s a bit too cruel.”

Syrah began to cry halfway through at the thought of using her as bait. 

Our teammate, Mars seemed to be extremely flustered, but knowing Syrah’s playful personality, I knew she was just acting, so I ignored it.

‘Well, it’s not a bad plan.’ 

Syrah was sure to be defeated, and if you looked at it from that perspective, we could use that to our advantage.

‘If she’s going to lose anyway, then what if her opponent is a 2-star or 3-star summon?’

If that happened, our team’s 2-star would face a 1-star summoner. Even if his summons was quite weak among 2-stars, it wasn’t weak enough to lose to a 1-star.

‘There is a way to win!’

Surprisingly, as Syrah initially claimed, we could win against our opponents…in theory. 

But there was a big problem here.

“How do we know in what order our opponents will fight?”

The problem was that we had no way to know their arrangements. So if we left things to chance, even I could end up facing the other side’s 1st star summoner.

But then, Syrah raised her hand, “Oh, I know that.”

“.You? How?”

“Because I am from House Acacia.”

She proudly declared that she would use the power of her family. She was laughing, but I could feel her determination to win.

“Okay, let’s do that.”

We faced the test with the determination to win no matter what we had to do. 

And as time passed, it was finally the day of the exam.

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  1. MC is dissing Syrah but she is a lot smarter than him. It is hard to be more stupid than MC though. So it isn’t a big achievment.
    Why every other character than MC is more likeable?

    Thanks for chapter

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