Chapter 12: How to Win (part 2)

Asking for 1 to 3 star summoners to be included in a 3v3 team match was akin to suggesting that 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star summoners should form a team. 

‘Hahaha, I guess it makes sense.’

If it weren’t for that, the 3-star summoners would have formed teams amongst themselves and crushed everyone else.

So, it wasn’t without reason that Stella was eager to have Noah on her team. There were many 1-star summoners, but not many who could truly assist her.

“Um, is that so? That’s a pity.”

But I didn’t really mind. After all, in a 3v3 team match, the outcome often depended on the leader’s skill. So even if I were to be put in such a lineup, I was confident I could defeat any opponents.

However, Stella looked at me with a smirk, as if my confidence was ridiculous, “It seems like you don’t even understand how a 3v3 team match works.”

“Isn’t the match over when one person wins?”

“This isn’t that kind of battle, it’s a team match. If two of your teammates lose before you, you lose without even getting a chance.”

“…is that so?”

It was only then that I realized the significance of teamwork in this game. Even if I was certain of my individual skills, I still needed at least one teammate to win in order to secure victory. If the previous two players lost consecutively, I’d be counted as a loser without even participating.

“Then, I have to be quick…”

By this point, the participants were probably evaluating each other’s worth and forming teams. Ironically, at the moment, a 1-star summoner’s value was higher than that of a 2-star or 3-star summoners, provided they were skilled fighters.

“Since the terms were announced this morning, most of the teams must have already formed, right?”

Stella snorted and glanced down at me, as if her victory was already assured. 

And she wasn’t entirely wrong. It felt like I’d already lost before I had even started.


After parting ways with the girls, I approached those who hadn’t found a team yet. 

Unfortunately, all the useful summoners had already formed teams, leaving only those who struggled to control their summons and those who weren’t very effective in battle.

“Now this is a disaster…”

In this exam, the individual skills of the cadets played an overwhelming role. It would be nearly impossible to make effective strategies in such one-on-one situations.

Regrettably, everyone was already well aware of that fact.

“Whatever, I don’t think I have anymore options left…”

As I searched for somewhat skilled summoners, the pool of potential teammates dwindled. 



Suddenly, I felt a soft push and turned to see Syrah standing there with a smile on her face.

“Are busy at the moment?”


“That’s good. So Ian, have you found a team?”

“Not yet.”

“Really!? Well, this must be fate. I couldn’t find a team either. Would you like to join us?”

“That’s right you have the Blue Bird, a 1-star summoned beast.”

The Blue Bird was a  support type summoning creature. Also, it couldn’t use any offensive abilities regardless of how much it leveled up.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 12: How to Win (part 2)”

  1. Arrogant, as*hole MC thinks he can convince someone to join his party when he is too lazy to socialize with anyone apart from select named characters? Talk about naive and head in the clouds. He didn’t show, apart from fight with the teacher, that he is competent or good leader. Also how can people have 3 star summons apart from MC and red head? Do other nobles also borrow summons from their families like Stella did?
    Also MC is stupid, again so nothing new. In school or other exams tests check and grade the knowledge that was taught on lessons, from books or other common knowledge not some not tested outlandish knowledge that MC has. If MC write his answears from his “knowledge” then he will score little or nothing at all as the teachers will gradem his exam according to what they taught in classes. But MC is a brain dead idiot without imagination so nothing new.

    Thanks for chapter

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