Chapter 14: Midterm Ends (part 1)

[Syrah’s POV]

Ever since the first head of House Acacia summoned their beast, there had been none who could handle the family’s summoned beast as well as Syrah Acacia.

Coincidentally, Syrah Acacia’s hobby was hunting flying animals using her summoned beast.


Due to its attribute, the Violet Mamba’s fangs were more dangerous to summoned beasts such as the Gust Hawk compared to other regular monsters.

The poisonous venom, deadly even to a summon of the same rank, quickly spread throughout the whole body of the Gust Hawk, which was one star lower than its opponent, causing it to tremble and collapse.

However, as the magical enchantment in the arena didn’t allow it to die, the Gust Hawk continued to wriggle, tormented by the poison.

Kreek! Kreek! Kreek!

Syrah smiled as she looked at the summoned beast suffer in pain.

The summoner belonging to Stella’s team screamed.

“What?! It’s cheating, you’re cheating!”

“Why would I do that?”

“Your summon is supposed to be a 1-star! Why are you using your family’s summon!?”

“Aren’t you also using your family’s summon?”

“—That’s different! That and this are different!”

Unable to refute, the summoner tried to make an excuse, but Syrah’s sudden anomalous behavior and the painful screams of his summon made him unable to make a proper judgment.

In the end, he looked at the instructor with tears in his eyes, asking her to do something.

Playna, the referee and instructor, looked at Syrah and asked,

“Do you really want to do this? If you do this, in the next match, Stella Eritz will also be allowed to summon her family’s summoned being. Her summoned beast is Ifrit, the 4-star Fire Spirit, equal to the Principal.”

“It’s okay.”

Syrah knew that but smiled and nodded her head. 

The instructor could’ve declared Syrah’s defeat and end the match with the victory for the Stellar team. However, Playna chose a different option in order to make her cadet, the lady of the House Eritz, stand out even more.

“Alright. Victory goes to Syrah Acacia.”

When the referee declared that, the result spread widely throughout the arena.

“Hey, is that even allowed…?”

“Isn’t it alright because the instructor allowed it?”

“Is that even important? If she’s allowed to use her family’s summon then…”

Hearing the murmur of the cadets, Syrah came down from the arena. Then she approached Ian, who was watching the game below.

“How was it?”

“Well done.”

“I was awesome, right?”

She smiled, revealing all her teeth, and looked at Ian.

Since she summoned her family’s summoned beast, then Stella, who Ian was supposed to face, would also be allowed summon her family’s being.

However, there wasn’t much worry on Ian’s face even though he had to face a 4-star summon.

‘What fun thing will you show me?’ Syrah thought.

It was said that it was easier to beat a 4-star with a 3-star than it was to beat a 3-star with a 2-star.

Nevertheless, the difference of that one star was a gap that couldn’t be easily overcome. 

Even Syrah, who had an unnatural amount of faith in Ian, didn’t think that his summoned being could defeat Stella’s Ifrit.

‘If… If we win this match.’

It would be an unimaginable surprise. 

And, if he really pulled that off, Syrah was sure she’d fall for him even further.

“Can you win?”

“Of course.”

With a bet at stake, Ian said so and went up on the arena.

* * *

[Next, the last match, Ian Clark vs. Stella Eritz!]

Boooo! Boooo!





Arrows of blind accusation shot towards me. 

Fortunately, they didn’t do anything like throwing stones at me or something like that.

If someone did the things I did today, it would be considered ruining their family’s honor, not that I cared about some nonexistent family’s honor anyways. 

And hopefully, they wouldn’t expel me from the academy for such a trivial thing.

In contrast, the audience on Stella’s side was fervently cheering for her victory.

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  1. I really would like if the reward for the MC would be that he stays in this body as it is healthy so according to the wording of the reward. But author is bending backwards to support all the idiotic things the MC does. Lazy writing.

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