Chapter 14: Midterm Ends (part 2)

Stella’s eyes blazed with intensity as she entered the arena, engulfed by the cacophony of cheers. 

Standing on the pitch, she fixed her gaze on me and inquired, “Is that your idea?”

“What?” I asked, puzzled.

“Making the other person go first and having Syrah Acacia use her family’s summons.”

“What if that’s the case?” I replied.

Upon hearing this, Stella lowered her head slightly and clenched her fists, her eyes smoldering with anger. 

“A cowardly man devoid of honor!” She spat out, her gaze searing like molten steel. 

Those eyes were scorching, yet they radiated an icy coldness.

“I was foolish to believe that someone like you had any talent, even for a moment!” Stella accused me of cheating at the summoning ceremony, belittling all my achievements as mere tricks. 

I listened silently, nodded, and then stepped forward, the emblem etched on the back of my hand gleamed bright.

“You’re right,” I said, my voice steady. “Everything I’ve accomplished is thanks to the system. It was possible because this world is a game, and I am its chosen protagonist. Therefore, to you, all of this may seem like cheating.”

“What?” Stella retorted incredulously.

“Of course, you won’t believe it until you see this.” I lightly tapped the back of my hand, and a system window materialized before us, displaying Anna’s status.

[Paladin of Salvation]

-She saved a kingdom.

-She saved hundreds of thousands of people.

-So her prayers reached heaven.

Experience 100 / 100

LEVEL UP!!! (requires soul stone)

Although the experience points from hunting monsters and those gained with Noah had satisfied the requirements, the lack of a soul stone had hindered further leveling up. 

But now, in my hand, I held the soul stone Dinua had given me.

With a determined look, I infused the soul stone with power. 

The system quivered and then roared to life.


The emblem on my hand shimmered, and I extended my hand, summoning Anna.

Thus, Anna appeared, bathed in brilliant light.

Behind her, wings unlike I had seen before unfurled, a manifestation of her half-human, half-angelic nature.

[Master, what is happening?] Anna asked, bewildered.


Before Anna could question further, Stella summoned her own summoned being.


A majestic spirit, capable of igniting the entire world with its presence, emerged.

[Ah ha ha ha! I thought I wouldn’t get to come out today!] Ifrit exclaimed, eyeing Anna with excitement, ready to engulf both of us in flames at a moment’s notice.

Once the two of us were done with our summoning, the referee stepped forward, raising her hand, “Let the match begin!”

The moment she finished speaking, a fiery pillar erupted from Anna’s feet.


[Stella’s POV]

Gazing at the blazing column of fire, Stella recalled the previous events. 

Syrah Acacia had deceived others, summoning a 3-star summon belonging to her family instead of her own, defeating her team’s 2-star summoner.

‘Cowardly…’ Stella thought, her disdain clear. 

While the academy’s instructor’s allowed Ian’s team to continue for their adherence to the rules, Stella, a young noble, saw things differently.

‘Breaking the rules and winning?’ She mused, her frustration building. 

Educated as a noble lady, she lacked practical experience in warfare. 

The arrogance of her youthful entitlement gnawed at her.

“To lose to a man like him…” Stella sighed, resenting her momentary lapse in judgment. 

The humiliation stung, and she resolved to sever all ties with him, once and for all!

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  1. So two cheaters meet in a match? Honourless and entitled Stella that is too pridefull to think and she tries to cheat her way out of the results of her wager. And arrogant, stupid, lazy asshole of a MC… When two honourless beings colide what sort of anomaly will be born? Can you imagine their child? Brrrr. I got goosebumps.

    Thanks for chapter

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