Chapter 14: Midterm Ends (part 3)

[Third Person POV]

‘If I win this match, my debt relationship with him will end…’ Stella thought in her heart.

And then, the burning pillar of fire subsided, revealing Ian and Anna from within.

The two appeared without a single burn. 

Stella, who saw that, looked at Ifrit in bewilderment.


[Uh, huh? How did they…?]

However, Ifrit was also surprised to see something he had never imagined to happen.

‘Again, something unexpected happened. He always brakes common sense like this…’

Stella clenched her teeth and used their Origin Art.

“Ifrit! Flame Blast!”

[No, I think we should wait for now.]

“Are you ignoring the summoner’s orders!?”


Ifrit suppressed a slightly reluctant feeling and used its skill against the two who had just appeared from the fire.

Ian and Anna, who had just emerged from the pillar of fire, looked at Ifrit and smiled.

“Anna, can you stand it?”

[Yes, Master! It would have been impossible in the past, but now…]

Saying so, Anna flapped the wings that had sprouted from her back. 

Even before she was summoned, her power gap with Ifrit was overwhelming.

However, not anymore.

‘I don’t know what Master did, but… I got stronger.’

Unlike before, when she couldn’t hope to block a single attack of a 4-star summon, she was able to survive one.

She was the Paladin of Salvation, and she had used her body to block tens of thousands of attacks. 

Now, she could truly live up to the name.


The sparks that had gathered at one point shot towards Anna like a giant beam of fire.

Anna raised her shield and completely blocked the attack head on.

Little by little, Anna pushed forward the attack. 

Seeing that, Ifrit shouted in disbelief, [This is ridiculous!]

The attack wasn’t something that a 3-star summon could withstand.

It didn’t matter even if Anna was a paladin. That attack was enough to melt away the defense of a Stone Turtle in an instant, which was said to have the best defense among the 3-star summoned beings.


Anna let out a hot breath. 

The heat that had enveloped her was also heating up her body. However, it was impossible to stop her by just heating up her body.

[I am, a paladin! I will not be stopped by any adversity!]

Indomitable Will.

It was another one of her Origin Arts.

No matter what kind of attack, it would help her survive only once.

And, so far, she has been attacked quite a lot.

“Take this!”

Anna pointed her sword towards Ifrit, who was floating in the air.

Repentance Strike.

An extreme counter skill that returned all damage she has received in one hit.


The newly formed wings flapped on her back, and she soared high into the air. It was something that she had never been able to do.

Ifrit unconsciously raised its arms to protect its face. 

It was a stupid move. 

It wasn’t a death-and-death fight, and there was no way it would die on the arena.

It should have prepared to face the sword and then either counterattacked or dodged the attack.


Ifrit’s strongest attack was sliced apart with a single sword. 

The 4-star fire spirit wasn’t able to express how painful it was.

However, it was possible to express pain coursing through its whole body.

Whomn! Whoomn!

Flames scattered apart from Ifrit’s whole body in all directions. 

The scene of Ifrit and Anna falling to the floor with a sword sticking out of Ifrit’s back was reminiscent of David slaying the Goliath.


[Haamn! Now, surrender! Do it!]

Anna fell to the floor and smashed Ifrit with her shield. 

Ifrit’s body, which was several times larger than that of any other human, swayed to and fro.

“No, that’s ridiculous!”

“Is that so?”

Ian approached Stella, who couldn’t hide her astonishment.

Then, Ian politely asked the referee.

“It seems that the match has already has a winner, do you want me to continue?”

Thud! Thud!

“Yes, it is.”

When the referee saw Anna smacking Ifrit’s jaw with her shield, the she finally declared.

“The winner is…”

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  1. So Anna didn’t have wings before or just couldn’t use them? Logic in this novel….
    So once leveled up 3 star is better than not leveled 4 star? What a bull! In most gachas the gap is a lot bigger. Maybe if it was limit break or evolution but not a level up. Lazy writing.
    And previously summons couldn’t take action on their own, but needed order like Pokemons BUT now Anna is doing everything by her own initiative. Lazy writing.
    I can’t wait to see what other lows will author step down into.

    Thanks for chapter

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