Chapter 39: The villainess abandons her fiancé (part 1)

“Now, what…”

“Then let’s go!”

Kayla led Shael and me by the hand. She was quite strong for her age, despite her childish appearance.

I think she was too strong.

Shael was dragged along, helpless against Kayla’s strength, and I also had no choice but to follow Kayla.

Of course, there was no way the villainess would quietly follow. Shael was making a face as if she was about to say something…

So, I quickly took out the Serpent Orb. Confirming that, Shael hardened her face.

If I were to play the recording in the Serpent Orb… even this innocent child would make fun of Shael.

And so, I was able to barely stop the evil woman from pouring out abusive words on the innocent child.

That’s how we ended up following Kayla. I also noticed all the warm gazes we were getting from the surroundings.

Kayla had light blue hair. It was the same color as Shael’s. And she was even holding both of out hands.

So it was natural for people to see us as a family— a happy family.

Shael could do nothing but only glare at them. Because she was busy just keeping up with Kyla, who was very strong.

We walked around the zoo for a while like that.

Then, we saw the small puppy I had seen with Shael before. It was the puppy that turned into a huge beast when it was angry.


“Wow, cute!”

Not knowing that Shael and I were frozen in silence, Kayla proudly walked towards the puppy.


The puppy barked the same way when it saw Kayla, and it would soon turn into a beast of enormous size.

I told Kayla before that could happen.

“Kayla, how about seeing other animals first?”

Shael, who was next to me, was also unconsciously nodding her head. 

But Kayla didn’t stop. She even started petting the puppy! 

There was no way that guy with a bad personality would like it.


The puppy started to struggle. It was a sign that he was about to transform. 

But this time it was different.

The puppy, who had been staring at Kayla for a while, shrunk his bloated body and became quiet.

Then he lay down and tried to act cute.

Kouuu! Koouuuu!

“Be nice. Be kind!”


‘Does that beast discriminate against people?’

He mercilessly turned into a beast in front of me and Shael, but this time he started acting cute.

No matter how much Shael glared at him, it was strange. 

Wasn’t it barking at Kayla just a little while ago?

Anyway, it was fortunate. If the situation from before happened, Kayla might start crying.

“Huh? It’s cute… why aren’t you coming?” Kayla looked at Shael and asked. 

Of course, even with these words, Shael still remained stiff.

Kayla turned her head and again looked at the little beast in front of her eyes.

“Wrinkle! I wish I could have you. But I’ll give you a name!”

‘She’s even give it a name? To this ferocious beast from the zoo?’

To be honest, I didn’t like the name either.

It was clear that Kayla, similar to the villainess, had a peculiar personality.

“Come on, pet it!”

“No, it’s okay, let’s look around the other places.”

Thankfully, Kayla agreed with my words, and Shael exhaled as if she finally felt relieved.

Kayla walked over and held Shael’s hand, then said, “I want to stay in the zoo, let’s go somewhere else!”


Shael shook her head, denying Kayla’s offer.

Kayla looked at me. Same with Shael. They both seemed to ask for my opinion.

Actually, as Shael said, it would be correct to walk around the zoo a bit more.

I came here at Shael’s suggestion.

And, in the first place, in the world of this novel, the person I considered the most important was Shael.

However, I couldn’t easily refuse Kayla’s offer.

It was because I felt a strange sense of familiarity from her.

Maybe I was taken by Kayla’s cuteness in this short amount of time. So I came up with the best solution.

It was an offer that would satisfy both Kayla and Shael.

“I heard that there is a villa owned by the Azbel family near here. How about we go there?”

Shael frowned at those words. So I quickly added,  “I’ll make you some desserts.”

There was no way Shael would reject this offer. 

This time she turned her gaze to Kayla.

Kayla also nodded her head in approval.

Actually, taking a child to a villa without permission from her parents was something I was reluctant to do, but…

The weather was getting colder. 

Honestly, I didn’t know why they left such a young child alone in this weather

Apart from safety, children needed love.

In addition to that, for some reason, I kept feeling like it was going to be okay.

These were the reasons I was able to take Kayla to the villa.

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