Chapter 39: The villainess abandons her fiancé (part 2)

The villa of the Azbel family. 

As expected of a duke’s villa, it was enormous.

It had a magic cast over it so that only those allowed could enter. Through Shael’s presence, Kayla and I were able to enter as well.

In fact, I wondered if Kayla would be surprised by the size of her villa, but… surprisingly, Kayla didn’t seem to care too much.

‘I think she said that she was five years old, didn’t she?’

It was fortunate though. I was worried that, after seeing the size of the villa, she would feel awkward around Shael and me due to our status.

“Follow me.”

As soon as we entered the villa, Shael brought me to the kitchen.

“Do you want me to make dessert the moment we walk in?”

“Yes.” Shael answered confidently. 

Still, since it was my suggestion, I had to keep my words.

When we arrived at the kitchen, Shael stood still and started watching me.

She probably wanted to watch me make the dessert, it was clear she was trying to figure out the recipe.

‘Is this why the closer we got to the kitchen, the better her mood became?’

For now, I let Shael watch me from behind and started making the desserts.

The villainess thought that she could memorize the recipe, but it won’t be possible.

There were so many ingredients in this world of fantasy novel, and most of them were quite unique. The delicious desserts Shael wanted were prepared from most of those unique ingredients. So, a slight discrepancy, different from the quantity, would create a completely different taste.

To begin with, Shael had a bad memory, and that would definitely create a huge difference if she tried to replicate this recipe.

Thanks to that, I was able to confidently start making dessert in front of Shael.

Apparently, Kayla, unlike her young age, also knew how to cook. So she started making something by herself.

And the villainess who was worse than a kid continued to disturb me.

“Why did you use this so much?”

“That’s good enough.”

“The more sugar the better, right?”

I tried to ignore her.

“These cookies look good, so make more.”

She shamelessly wanted me to make more.

“Haah. If you spray this much…”

The villainess’s random advice made me sigh. 

However, there was no further follow-up. It was because I threw the cheesecake I had just made into Shael’s mouth.

That cheesecake should have enough flavor to satisfy the villainess.

Then I said to Shael, who had stopped interrupting me and was busy eating cheesecake.

“You seem to hate it, so I will give all of these to the servants of the villa.”

Shael, who was enjoying the cheesecake, was taken aback for a moment, then she said.

“Ah, looking at it now, it looks fine.”

“It’s too late. I won’t make cheesecake anymore.”


Shael went silent for a moment at my words. ‘Now, how can I tease her more…’

Right at that moment, support fire arrived. It was from Kayla.

“Am I doing it right?”

“Yes. Of course. Would you like a piece now?”

“Ah! Thank you!”


Kayla puts the cheesecake in her mouth in front of Shael. I even handed Kayla the cookies I had made in advance.

It was also Shael’s favorite cookie, and that too went into Kayla’s mouth.

“Oh, delicious!”

“Yeah, isn’t it delicious?”


Shael just stared at me in silence.

I glanced at Shael and took the dessert I made, then headed to the dining area. I took the desserts and food that Kayla made as well.

For food made by a five-year-old, these dishes looked very good. 

‘Why should a five-year-old know how to cook in the first place?’

She seems to be a very smart kid.

I put the desserts I made on the table, as well as the desserts and food made by Kayla.

Then Shael started eating only what I made.

And, when I was about to eat a dessert… she snatched the dessert right before I could grab one.

She was, indeed, a greedy villainess.

Shael was eating only my dessert, and it seemed that it had made Kayla very upset, and she handed Shael her cookie.

“Try eating what I made!”


Shael started to hesitate. 

To be honest, I didn’t think Shael would want to eat something other than the things I made.

So I carefully took out the Serpent Orb and showed it to Shael.

It meant that, she had to eat it. I couldn’t let her reject such a cute child’s demands.

“It’s more delicious than what you ate!”

It’s more delicious than the one I made? It was some amazing confidence.

To be honest, it’s amazing that a five-year-old was that confident. 

I don’t know why, but I felt a bit competitive. It was similar to when I argued with Shael.

Shael took the cookie and took a bite, then her eyes widened.

“How is it?”


At Kayla’s question, Shael choose to remained silent. 

I quickly said,  “As expected, wouldn’t the one made by your fiance taste better?”


Shael didn’t even respond to my words. She just put more cookies Kayla made into her mouth.

It was easy to guess what it meant. It meant that what Kayla made was more delicious than I thought.

It took a long time for Shael, who was intent on eating the cookies to finally lift her head and speak again.

Kayla looked at me with a sly smile, and Shael looked at me and said.

“Your sole use as a fiancé is gone.”


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5 thoughts on “Chapter 39: The villainess abandons her fiancé (part 2)”

  1. Roberto Rafael

    Okay, one of two, she’s either their daughter who traveled in time, or it’s the goddess/spirit that writes the “999 ways” books.

    1. after some thought, i find it possible if she’s their daughter. but, the question is ‘why’. why their daughter come to the past find her parents? is she just curious about her parents or there’s problem in the future? and the second one, i don’t get why she’s the author of that book

      1. Roberto Rafael

        Perhaps to prevent Eran and Shael’s relationship from remaining at a standstill, because Eran is settling for manipulating Shael with candy … As the girl implied, instead of earning a place in Shael’s heart (as her lover), Shael only sees Eran like a pastry chef.

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