Chapter 40: Stealing the villainess’s treasure (part 1)

‘My sole use as a fiancé is gone?’

It was easy to understand what Shael meant by that.

It meant that the desserts made by Kayla tasted better than anything I made.


Without saying a word, I reached out for the cookies Kayla had made.

Of course, the greedy villainess didn’t even give up that single cookie.

Shael said to Kayla. “You… work at my Azbel Mansion”

Shael’s words were not an offer, but a command. 

I was worried that Kayla would be scared, but… the situation I was worried about didn’t happen. 

Rather, Kayla confidently said, “I don’t want to!”


Shael was taken aback by the quick rejection. And I carefully brought out the Serpent Orb so that Shael could see it. I had to warn her that she couldn’t just threaten an innocent and young child to do something for her.

Shael, who glared at me once, opened her mouth again.

“I’ll give you any amount of money if you agree to work for the Azbel family.”

Kayla turned her head away without listening to Shael’s words. Then she glanced at me, as if she was sending a signal.

Exchanging glances with Kayla, I said in a tone that seemed as friendly as possible.

“Kayla, how about working for my family?”


Kayla immediately nodded her head. 

Actually, it wasn’t a serious proposal. It was just a false proposal to make fun of the villainess in front of us. 

Kayla seemed to be aware of that as well.

Shael froze for a moment. 

After showing a slight grin, Kyla opened her bag and started looking for something in it.

Kayla pulled out a deck of cards. It was a card that felt very familiar to both me and Shael.

It was similar to the card game was played in the inn of the Mage Tower.

“If you beat me in this game, I’ll do whatever you want! Instead, if I win, you have to go wherever I want!”

Shael hastily nodded her head, and Kayla raised the corners of her mouth.

Like Kayla, a smile also bloomed on the villainess’s face.

At the same time, I let out a deep sigh. 

It was natural, because there’s no way the villainess would play the game in an honest manner.

Even if her opponent was a child.

First of all, the rules of the game were the following— each player will hold two bomb cards and ten normal cards, and each player will draw and discard the opponent’s cards.

In that way, the first person to lose all the bomb cards would be the winner.

Shael started handing out cards. I checked the cards in Shael’s hand through Sight Magic.

She had one bomb card, where there should have been two, and she had eleven normal cards.

It was clear that there was at least one duplicate card. 

‘Does she even have a bare minimum of conscience left?’

The answer was, no.

It was clear that the villainess had thought she would easily win by discarding that single bomb card.

That’s how the game started. And I carefully observed the situation.

Shael drew Kayla’s card for the second time. But at that moment, Kayla suddenly rose from her seat.

“I won!”


Two out of ten. It was a very tough to pull it off in a row.

Furthermore, Kayla had quickly taken the two cards that had already been drawn and tossed them into her deck.

The stupid villainess became dazed. She had lost even though she cheated.

I quickly turned on my Vision Magic and confirmed Kayla’s deck.

There were twelve normal cards, and the two bomb card, which should have been there, didn’t exist.

Kayla proudly stood tall with an innocent smile.

Shael didn’t even consider that a five-year-old could also cheat in the game.

It was fight between a villainess and a bad girl, and the victory went to the cute bad girl.

“But don’t worry, I’ll cook a lot for you later too!”

The girl even knew how to show sympathy.

Kayla then took Shael and me by the hand and led us out of the dining area.

I followed Kayla, who was sticking out her tongue, and the villainess, who was defeated by Kayla, also had no choice but to follow her.

I was highly doubtful that Shael would be willing to abide by her end of the bet, but… came to think of it, there was another possibility.

The villainess still hadn’t given up on hiring the little pastry chef!

It was clear that she would try to convince Kayla to work for her.

She is only five-year-old, but… it seems like I have a lot to learn from Kayla.

For example, Kayla was still smiling innocently, and the villainess was pretending that she hadn’t noticed her deceit.

We followed Kayla and left the villa. Kayla walked as if she had already decided on her destination.

There were quite a few teleportation fields in the Azbel family, which was a family famous for their magic. 

And, the place Kayla was headed was one of them.

You had to pay money if you wanted to use it. 

There was no way that the money would be burdensome to Shael and me, who belonged to ducal families.

Kayla eagerly looked at Shael once we arrived front of the teleportation circle, where we had to pay the entrance fee.

She was asking Shael to pay the entrance fee. She must have realized that Shael was incredibly wealthy through the villa she had been to earlier.

It was a rude request, but… it didn’t really matter since Kayla had won the bet with Shael earlier.

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