Chapter 40: Stealing the villainess’s treasure (part 2)

The condition of the bet was that we had to go to whatever place she desired. Of course, Kayla had also secretly cheated, but… wasn’t that the same for Shael?

So it was a reasonable request. In the first place, Kayla was cute, so it was worth watching the show from the sidelines.

“Can you pay the entrance fee?”

Shael thought for a moment and said to me.

“Why me?”

‘Why was she asking me? Did she completely forgotten that it was she who lost the bet?’

It was clear that the villainess was showing her ego to a five-year-old child.

And just when I was about to take out the Serpent Orb, Kayla opened the bag she was wearing, and pulled out a bunch of cookies.

“I can give you these.”


Shael kept her mouth shut for a while and thought about the proposal. No, it was more like she was trying to bargain!

It was clear that the villainess was aiming for something of more value. 

Kayla laughed and put her hand into the bag. What she pulled out this time were two sheets of paper.

“These are the recipes for the cookie and muffin you just ate! I’ll give you these. How does that sound?”


Shael was visibly surprised. It was the same for me too.

To Shael, Kayla’s dessert were more delicious than mine. So it was obvious what would happen if she gave her those recipes. From then on, I will no longer be able to appease the villainess through dessert!

“Okay, let’s go.”

Shael replied without ant deliberations. She agreed with an unstoppable speed!

I had no money with me. I had used up all the money I had in my magic pouch to buy Clie’s medicine.

I didn’t put more money in it because I found it annoying at the time.

And now, the recipes fell into the hands of the villainess because of that.

Even if there were only two types of desserts in the recipe, the villainess will never get tired of them and will enjoy them forever.

What should I do now?

First, I decided to go with Kayla. Because there was still plenty of time. So I will come up with a way somehow.

Kayla pointed to one of the magic circles.

“Over there! Let’s go there!”

What Kayla pointed out was the teleportation magic circle leading to the Fahebrus Beach.

We entered the magic circle together, and arrived at the beach. 

Unlike the Azbel estate, the weather here was warm.

In fact, that was the special feature of the Fahebrus Beach. It had warm weather all year long.

I knew that because it was also mentioned in the original novel.

We walked along the beach with Kayla. 

And, even in the middle of our walk, Shael was holding the recipes tightly like it was her treasure.

Shael didn’t carry her magic pouch because she felt it was annoying. And because of that, I’ll soon have a chance to steal the recipes. I must grab that chance when it here!

To be honest, I was feeling quite reluctant to dispose of them, which she seemed to treasure so much.

But, I had to do it. If I didn’t, then it would be impossible to appease (control) Shael through desserts.

And, if that happened, it would be difficult to prevent Shael’s personality from further deterioration.

At the moment, the only option I had left was to intimidate (blackmail) her through the Serpent Orb.

However, it would be more convenient to appease (control) the villainess through desserts than intimidate (blackmail) her.

If I failed, then Shael would gradually go down the path of the villainess, and I was almost certain that I would also have a miserable ending like the original novel!

No, Shael and I, both will face a horrible end.

‘I need to steal the recipes!’

I walked along the beach, while repeating that in my mind.

Then, what method could I use?

It just so happens to be that this was a beach. And, it was the right place to get rid of recipes on paper sheets. 

So there I had to find an appropriate method.

Unaware of my internal agony, Shael and Kayla were happily walking along the beach.

Kayla cheerfully said, “Let’s go into the water!”


Shael shook her head. 

Then Kayla smiled and said, “If you play with me, I will write down all the recipes for the dessert you ate today!”

‘You shouldn’t do that!’

Before I could say anything, Shael nodded her head.

I had no choice but to use waterproof spell on Kayla. 

Shael also learned how to use waterproof magic, so she began to eagerly cast the spell.

“What are you doing?”

“What is it?”

Shael was casting waterproof magic on the recipes again and again.

If she had left it on land, I was going to secretly blow it away with wind magic.

The villainess could be surprisingly thorough in preparation only at times like this.

Looking closely, it was a 20-fold magic circle! It was simply an overkill.

Then Kayla suddenly said, “Oh, over there, a catfish! There are catfish!”


This was another feature of the Pahebrus Beach. It had good mana quality, so you could see various types of fish in the water. Even if it was a freshwater fish like catfish.

Anyway, I don’t know why, but it seemed to have a deep connection with mana.

“Cute!” Kayla said.


Although I also felt that way as well… but that wasn’t the general consensus.

Shael was also nodding her head as if agreeing with Kayla’s words.

It was an absurd situation. But I couldn’t stay silent.

The villainess’ attention was now fixed on the catfish, and we were in the water.

It was a great opportunity. It was a chance to steal Shael’s recipes.

I must steal the villainess’ treasure!

No, I have to get rid of it!

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  1. Story is going backwards now. He’s still talking about intimidating and appeasing her when he should make her realize what she actually feels and get her to open up. Instead we get pointless shenanigans like stealing recipies. I hope everyone is right and that kid is theirs from the future or else it’d be really stupid how a 5 year old can handle FMC better than the MC.

  2. is our little Shael want to eat that cute(?) catfish too?
    wait. that was beach right? Which means sea. salt water. why there is catfish?

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