Chapter 41: The villainess’ happy walk (part 1)

Shael’s attention went elsewhere for a while. 

As soon as I confirmed this, I prepared the necessary magic spell. I was thinking of suddenly splashing the sea water at the recipe in her hand, while she wasn’t paying attention.

Of course, she was protecting the recipe even now, but I’m sure I could succeed.

But before I could do anything, Shael looked at me.

“What are you doing?”


I quickly canceled the magic I had prepared. She was strangely quick-witted only at times like this, and thanks to that, I missed my chance.

After we were done with catfish viewing, we followed Kayla, who had started walking again.

To make sure Kayla wasn’t tired, we walked along the beach just enough to submerge up to our knees.

It was obvious that the villainess, who had poor physical strength would struggle to walk in water.

It wouldn’t be long before her stamina runs out. However, the villainess’s patience ran out before her physical strength.

Shael looked bored. 

We were walking along the seashore and nothing that could interest her happened.

Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for Shael, I was walking next to her.

To the villainess, I was a high-performance toy to relieve her stress.

I felt uneasy for no reason. So I checked Shael’s side through Vision Magic.

Shael was secretly forming a magic circle, while acting as if she wasn’t doing anything.

Then, Shael used the magic.

Suddenly, the sea water started to get a little hotter.

‘Are you kidding me?’

Fortunately, she didn’t use magic that would affect Kayla.

‘At least she has a minimum of conscience left!’

No, if Kayla hadn’t been an excellent cook, she might have suffered from the villainess’s wickedness as well.

Anyway, the villainess was only making the sea water around me hot.

This was the Fahebrus Beach, which had warm weather all year long.

Fortunately, the sea water was quite cool, but… not anymore. 

It became hot because of the villainess’s magic. It wasn’t hot enough to kill me, but it was hot enough to drive me crazy.

I started thinking of a way to get revenge on the villainess.

‘I can make the hot water cool again, or, I can make the sea water around the villainess hot in return, but…’

Anyways, I was preparing several magic circles to counter Shael. It was a kind of magic circle related to ice.

But I noticed that the villainess was also preparing for my attack in advance.

Therefore, I decided to do things a bit differently.

Shael was walking fast to avoid touching the hot water around me. So I quickly caught up with her.

Then I grabbed Shael’s hand to make sure she doesn’t run away.

“What are you doing!”


Shael glared at me as if she wanted me to let go. But I couldn’t let it go.

Because, I wanted the villainess to also suffer from the hot water.

“We’re engaged, so what’s wrong with holding hands?”


Shael sighed and created an ice magic circle.

She must have wanted to return the heated sea water to normal.

However, after thinking for a while, Shael canceled the magic circle, then she looked at me and grinned.

It was an evil smile.

Its meaning was simple— let’s suffer together!



I walked in the hot sea in silence. It was fortunate that it was not hot enough to cause burns.

But it was really too hot, so it was only natural that Shael and I would turn red.

I didn’t know what the hell we were thinking. ‘Are we stupid?’

But we still kept walking.

The one who couldn’t stand it first and normalized the temperature of the water would be the loser… or at least Shael seemed to think that way. I was sure of that.

If I used Ice Magic, the villainess would think she had won. So I had to endure!

It was then that I heard Kayla’s words.

“Big Sister, your face is red! Is it because you are holding Big Brother’s hand?”

At that, Shael quickly withdrew her hand, same for her magic.

‘She gave up so easily?’ 

It didn’t match with the usual persistent villainess. But it seemed that the water was too hot for her, so she just let go without saying a word.

We walked like that for a while.

Shael was gradually getting tired. The reason for that was the magic, which she had just used.

Her stamina wasn’t that good in the first place.

“Kayla, would you like to get some rest?”

“Oh, just a little more!”

Kayla walked like that for a while longer.


Kayla suddenly bent down.

I was taken aback by her sudden action, but it seemed she had found something.

‘Ah, she found a pretty conch?’

She was indeed a pure child.

Kayla was laughing as if she was satisfied.

“Alright, let’s go to the teleportation station now.”


At her question, I nodded. 

The time to part with Kayla had come.

Actually, I’d like for us to stay longer, but it had to be done since would be a nuisance to Kayla’s parents.

We headed to the beachside teleportation station and returned to the Azbel territory’s teleportation station.

Kayla turned her head to Shael.

“See you later!”

And while saying so, Kayla gave Shael a hug. 

There was no way the villainess with her bad personality would accept that.

But, Shael didn’t push Kayla away.

She just frowned, but soon she made an expression as if she had a good idea.

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