Chapter 16: Lumentium V (part 2)

After I had a clear look at the guy’s face, I vaguely remembered what the guy’s identity was.

“…you, what is your name?”

When I asked him a question in order to somehow bring back the vague memories, he frowned and answered my question.

“My name is Lucian von Tournigen, the legitimate son of the Duke of Tournigen.”

“…Lucian von Tournigen? The Duke of Tournigen?”

It took a while for me to tilt my head at his sudden remark, but only then did I realize where I had seen him.

“…ah, I saw you at the engagement ceremony.”

“What? Engagement ceremony? What do you mean by that?”

The guy couldn’t understand what I was saying, so frowned and asked for clarification. But I had no intention of giving him any explanation. Because it involved the event of the distant future that hasn’t happened yet.

Five years from now, Sarah and I were supposed to break off our marriage. Then she subsequently became engaged to another person, and the person she became engaged to was Lucian von Tournigen, who was standing in front of me right now.

In fact, since it was not a wedding ceremony and just an engagement ceremony, there was no need for me to attend the engagement ceremony, but I deliberately took the time to go and attend their engagement ceremony.

Because I thought it was the last time I would be seeing Sarah, who had completely cut off all ties with

me. It was my own desperate attempt to make peace with all my feelings toward her.

And at the engagement ceremony, I had the experience of seeing the face of Lucian von Tournigen, who was now in front of me. However, I didn’t recognize him at first sight because at the time I had seen his face from afar, and the current Lucian had a much younger face than I remembered.

“So, what kind of business the noble young lord of the Duke of Tournigen has with me?”

When I looked at him and asked that question, Lucian looked at me and snorted.

“Well, I think there’s only one thing I can do while facing you like this.”

“Oh, what would that be?”

“Okay. Let’s get straight to the point. I challenge you to a duel. Cain von Estel.”

Saying that, Lucian took out a pair of gloves from his pocket and threw them at me. 

His sudden action left me speechless, and I struggled to even grasp what the hell he was thinking. At this point, I was getting numb from all the bizarre event that kept happening around me.

“…Lucian von Tournigen. I want to ask you something just in case.”

“What is it?”

“You do know that you and I are meeting for the first time today, right? I don’t think I can find any justification for a duel with you, aside from the fact that you seem unusually hostile towards me.”

At my well-thought-out words, Lucian looked at me with a mocking expression. 

By the way, that guy’s behavior was playing a big part in making my mood worse. I was getting fed up with being swept around by the flow of events.

Now that I thought about it again, there was plenty justification for a duel between me and him. Looking at it now, there was no doubt that he was a man who made people feel annoyed not only with his behavior, but also with his words. 

To be honest, he didn’t look that strong, so he would be the perfect punching bag for letting some steam out in the name of a duel. Even if he was strong, would he be stronger than an ogre who wanted to tear people apart alive? What could a pampered noble like him do?

“Cain von Estel, news that you are breaking off the engagement with Lady Sarah Cernard is spreading throughout the aristocratic sphere. However, there are rumors that it was Lady Cernard who decided to break off the engagement because you insulted her so much. It is shameful that you dragged another woman into bed in front of her.”


Those rumors were actually based on facts, so even I didn’t know what to say.

“And I have known Lady Cernard since childhood. We can basically be called childhood friends. Because of your ungentlemanly behavior, she has suffered great damage to her honor. You have hurt her deeply, to the extent that she is not willing meet with anyone. Even if I personally asked to meet her, I was refused.”

Lucian showed a stern expression on his face as if he was some kind of righteous hero. 

And seeing that expression on his face, I could easily understand his purpose.

“…so, to sum up, you say that Sarah was hurt because of me, and that you have a crush on her to the point that you can’t leave her alone. At such a moment, you met someone you didn’t want to see at the banquet hall, and you want to beat me up because you think it’s a good opportunity.”

“…except for the word ‘crush’, everything else is correct. So, will you accept the challenge for a duel? By the way, I won’t mind if you step back like a coward.”

“Such a crazy bas*tard.”

Seeing the arrogant expression on his face, I cursed without even realizing it. So, to put it simply, aside from his one sided affection for Sarah and all that, he confidently challenged me to a duel because I seemed like a guy that he could easily defeat. He was looking down on me.

Did he really think that I was just some weak pushover? 

“Good. Lucian von Tournigen. I will accept your duel. In return, I have one condition.”

I tried to put up with the situation for a while, but if he was doing something like this because he thought that I was a pushover, I couldn’t possibly let it go unanswered. Because I was the Duke of Estel, and looking down on me was the same was looking down on the House of Estel.

“Conditions? What is that?”

“I have only one condition.”

I deliberately patted my hand and smiled refreshingly at Lucian.

“When it comes to dueling, we will use our fists instead of the sword. Rather than using a sword, I want to defeat you myself, with my own two hands.”

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