Chapter 16: Lumentium V (part 1)

To sum up, the dramatic situation that everyone gathered here was expecting to happen, didn’t happen.

Sarah just stood there without saying a word, and stared at me with a cold expression.


It’s not that I couldn’t understand her feelings toward me. 

Apart from the behavior of Count Cernard, who sent us a letter of cancellation, as a fiancée, it would be very natural for her to feel displeased with me for having another woman in my bed

Even if I were in her position, I would have gone mad and tried all sorts of tricks to break up the marriage immediately.

But she didn’t do anything. She just stood there silently and looked at me. 

To be honest, it was much more frightening this way. I would have been more comfortable if she had done or said something to me, but she was just looking at me without saying a single word. It was making me very uncomfortable.


In the bloody cold war where no one opened their mouths, I was the one who raised the white flag first, unable to endure the pressure.

“…why aren’t you saying anything? I thought you had a lot to say to me?”

“Because talking to you is just a waste of time.”

Sarah answered in a voice so cold that it was hard to believe that she had once been my fiancée.

“I’m sorry, but meeting you here today was not my intention. It’s just that I was unlucky today. It’s nothing more than that. I am saying this just in case you didn’t know, I hope you don’t misunderstand.”

Saying that, Sarah took one step toward me, and then another step. 

And before long, she came face to face with me at a distance where we could feel each other’s breath.



The spectators lined up around us gulped and swallowed, imagining what would happen next.

Unfortunately, however, what the surrounding audience expected did not happen in the end. 

All she did was remove the ring from her finger and place it on the palm of my hand.

“…what is this?”

“The engagement ring.”

She spoke in a soft tone, as if explaining about a coin she had picked up on the street.

“I already heard the news. The breakup of your marriage with me is a matter that has already been granted permission by His Majesty? So now I think this ring is nothing more than a simple ring with no meaning. So, I am giving it back.”


It was unexpected. 

I was surprised with the fact that she was still wearing our engagement ring. I thought that Sarah was very displeased with our engagement. However, I never imagined that she would give such importance to the engagement ring and had worn it for so long. 

No, before that, our engagement ring was…

“…Sarah, wait…”

But without giving me a chance to say anything, Sarah just walked past me.

A plain attitude, as if she was letting everyone know that she no longer had any interest in me. 

And the moment she passed me, she whispered something in my ear in a very low voice.

[West Terrace, in two hours.]


At that, I involuntarily turned my back and looked at her. However, she didn’t look at me for a single moment, as if she was declaring to the people gathered here that she had nothing to do with me, and quickly disappeared among the crowd.


I unknowingly touched the engagement ring in my hand in a daze. 

This ring, made of silver and studded with a large ruby, was indeed a ring that boasted a very beautiful appearance befitting its purpose as an engagement ring. But at the same time, it was also a ring that looked very unfamiliar to me.


For your information, the jewel in my engagement ring was an emerald.


What happened after that was nothing special. 

On the surface, what had just happened was no more than a trifle: Sarah returned my engagement ring and disappeared without looking back. 

It was perfect for casual gossip, but it seemed like a disappointing ending to the aristocrats who were expecting a dramatic finale. 

And so, all the excessive gazes that had been directed at me until just now was withdrawn in an instant.

Only then was I able to escape to the corner of the banquet hall and delve into eating and drinking with Aria, as I had originally planned. 

I was once again surprised by Arya’s boldness. 

Not paying attention to the series of events that had just occurred, she immediately put a piece of meat in her mouth, and happily started eating food like a bird eating bird feed. 

I looked at Aria and thought about what had just happened.

‘…what the hell was that? What the hell is she thinking?’

Sarah told me that it was a coincidence that we met each other today. But that seemed to be a lie. She must have visited the banquet hall to meet me.

“Cain von Estel.”

I rummaged through my pockets and took another look at the ‘engagement ring’ she had just handed me. 

This ring was not the engagement ring I had exchanged with her.

“Cain von Estel.”

‘Did she ask me to come to the west terrace after 2 hours?’

I had no idea why she wanted to meet me separately in secret. She even went as far as using such cumbersome methods to do so. This kind of thing didn’t happen before the regression, so for some reason, my heart trembled in nervousness. 

However, I couldn’t help it. First of all, Sarah’s expression seemed…

“Cain von Estel!”

Suddenly, a roar erupted from behind me. 

The loud voice echoed throughout the banquet hall, and the eyes of the people around me were drawn back to me once again.

I was finally able to pass some rice down my throat in a quiet place, so what kind of ordeal had come to me now?

As I turned my head backwards with an annoyed look, I saw a guy who looked like a loach huffing at me. 

The person had a familiar face, as if I had seen him somewhere.

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