Chapter 84: The Kingdom Project XX (part 2)

Every time the distance was reduced to a certain extent, small bursts of fire balls came flying from the other side, but they were too weak to do any damage to the intruders, who were skilled at utilizing mana.

Then they arrived at a dead end, and the adventurers were looked their way with their backs against the wall.

“This is the end of this cat and mouse game.”

“No matter how much you try, you won’t be able to escape…”

“I’ll send you away with a special type of pain.”

With a ghastly sneer on their lips, the intruders gather mana into their staffs. 

Looking at their opponents, the adventurers also straightened their staffs, but there was a clear difference in ability between the two sides.

However, just when intruders were getting excited to trample the adventurers in front of them…



The sound of something breaking was heard. At the same time, something dripped down from right above their heads.




The next moment, something exploded right in front of them. 

Anticipating a strong attack, the intruders immediately created magical barriers around themselves.


“What..what..this is…”

“Argh…I can’t…believe it…”

The next moment, people in black robes lost their strength and fell to the ground. 

The adventurers were finally able to breathe a deep sigh of relief as they watched some of the intruders even start snoring.

“Phew. That was close…”

“The report said that these guys were monsters that should never be fought head-to-head. I guess they were right. I still have chills running down my spine”

Seeing the situation end like that, the adventurers immediately began to restrain the intruders who had fallen to the ground.


Never engage in head-to-head combat and lure them to the trap site with constant kiting. Be as annoying as possible. 

Hearing the report that the adventurers had successfully achieved their goal in accordance with that order, a smile slowly began to form on Bahamut’s lips.

‘Okay, this is the end of the preparations for the deal. All that remains is to welcome the guest…’ 

While thinking so, Bahamut’s gaze turned to the royal guards lined up in front of his eyes.

At the moment, the place where Bahamut was staying was a wide passage leading directly to the Great Hall. It was the place that all the important ministers and the officials including Isolda and Yuria, as well as Hangurian nobles and royalty including Princess Leira, were using as a shelter.

Although the Black Legion had declined, the strength of the Hangurian Royal Guard was not much different from the past. All of them were warriors who know how to use mana, and each one was strong enough to defeat dozens of ordinary humans. 

It would be correct to say that this place was the the safest place in Hangury.

And Bahamut was waiting at the path leading to that place. The one he was waiting for was supposed to arrive there in a little while.

‘According to the original story, she is supposed to come here, but…she wouldn’t go to another place, would she? Even though the flow of time has changed a little because of me, it shouldn’t affect this matter…’ 

Bahamut started to feel a little concerned and nervous at the possibility.

That moment…


A sudden metallic sound was heard. 

In response, Bahamut’s gaze automatically turned towards the sound. And, his gaze fell on the person standing there…


“Please step back, Master.”


The sound of an explosion was heard as soon as she finishes speaking.

And the next moment, Bahamut was gripped by a terrible feeling. It was similar to having an ice pick driven down his back. It was terrifying sensation, as if his body was being beaten in the bitter cold. 

However, that fleeting sensation soon disappeared like melting snow. It happened right after Ophelia blocked his way.

“It’s that woman…for sure.” Ophelia spoke in a cold voice, her gaze locked on to the thing in front of her eyes.


With a light whistling sound, the smoke that filled the hallway instantly cleared, and, a person slowly began to appear in their sight.

“That…that person…it can’t be…”

“White Dragon Princess?”

The Royal Guards gasped in dread at the appearance of a person that was beyond their imagination. 

Looking at them, she…the Princess of the Dragona Empire, Elios Noshelat Dragona showed a bright smile on her lips.

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