Chapter 85: The Kingdom Project XXI (part 1)

White Dragon Princess approached her opponents with a bright smile on her face.

Seeing her movement, the Royal Guards immediately responded.

At the moment, the only thing they could see in front of their eyes was Elios Noshelat Dragona.

Apparently, she had come alone, and her other subordinates did not seem to accompany her.

Assessing the situation, the Royal Guards immediately pointed their weapons at her and glared at her. Then the man who seemed to be the oldest among the guards raised his hand for a moment and then cautiously opened his mouth.

“Princess Elios. Why did you, the princess of the Empire, come here?”

“Huh? Well…would it be okay if I say that I came for a surprise visit?”

“The situation seems to say otherwise, and if my memory serves me right, there must have been a number of other guards stationed in this place. What did you do to them?”

The Royal Guard asked with a serious expression

In response to his question, Elios said without losing the smile on her face.

“Yeah, I killed them, every one of them.”


“Kuh… ”

Elios revealed such a terrifying thing in a jovial manner.

However, the Royal Guard continued to ask, barely losing his composure.

“The fact that a princess from a foreign did that… is a clear violation of the peace treaty, right?”

“Huh~ That’s right, isn’t it? But whatever. No one will know about this anyway.”

With those words, Elios pulled out the two swords on her waist.

The moment she held the swords, which were curved like crescent moons, her lips, which had a clear smile, began to emulate a chilly bloodlust.

“Because you will disappear from this world!”

With those words, the White Dragon Princess, released a terrifying mana, and approached her opponents.

In response, the faces of some of the Royal Guards showed a deep sense of fear.

“Everyone… don’t panic! There is only one enemy!”

“Even if she is the White Dragon Princess, we are the Royal Guard! Take her head and present it to His Majesty!”

The Royal Guards immediately rushed into battle.

After they pulled out their swords, they began to pour mana over its surface.

Ophelia also tried to step forward and provide help.



“Wait…wait a minute. Not now.”


“Your job now is not to fight alongside them, but to watch that woman as calmly as possible. Do you understand what I mean?”


Ophelia understood Bahamut’s words and slowly nodded her head.

“…okay. I will follow your orders.”

Ophelia took a step back and watched the situation for now.

Immediately after that, the battle between the Royal Guard and the White Dragon Princess began.

At first glance, it looked like a simple confrontation between warriors with swords would unfold, but…the confrontation between those who used mana was not that simple.

“All fire!”

As soon as the order was given, the Royal Guards reached forward with swords in their hands.

Immediately after that, the tips of their swords began to emit masses of mana reminiscent of bullets.

They were powerful mana bullets that could kill a person in one hit if hit directly. There were more than dozens of such mana bullets, and their target was only one person, the White Dragon Princess.




The next moment, a scream was heard. However, this did not belong to Elios.

The ones collapsing on the floor screaming in pain were the Royal Guards who were launching the attack.

“This..what..impossible! Gaghhh!”

In such an incomprehensible situation, the Royal Guards continued to fire magic bullets even more diligently. However, the stronger the firepower, the more the damage they continued to receive. 

The Royal Guards began to get confused by the strange yet shocking phenomenon.

Then an urgent voice was heard.

“Look! That woman is deflecting the bullets with her sword!”

“Muh…how is that even possible?”

“Mana bullets fly much faster than arrows! How can she…”

“Heh hehe!”

Facing the shocked Royal Guards, Elios let out a laugh.

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