Chapter 84: The Kingdom Project XX (part 1)

“Cheh…they were a lot better than I thought.” Watching their vanguard being annihilated after a brief skirmish, Iscal lightly clicked his tongue. “After all, Hangury is still Hangury. Even so, I thought we would be able to achieve some results, but it can’t be helped.”

Although the forces on his side were large, they were nothing more than a simple group of troops that had never been divided into separate classes or trained together. 

In that respect, Iscal also knew about their weaknesses to some extent. Even so, he never thought that there would be such a power difference.

The Hangurian Black Legion, despite their small numbers, firmly formed camps and conducted efficient battles. On the other hand, their allies were not well controlled and simply pushed with numbers. 

However, Iscal was not particularly nervous about the situation, nor did he think they would face defeat. The number on his side was still overwhelming, and there were several other plans at play as well.

“In just a little while, Bahamut…the pawn that she prepared will begin to move, right? If that happens, that Black Legion that seems solid as a a rock will collapse in an instant. We just need to take advantage of that gap and wipe them out.” 

Waiting for that moment, Iscal gave his troops a more detailed order so that they could advance again at any time. 

Unlike when they were chaotically arranged, the cavalrymen on horseback would be in the front. In addition, the Knight Commanders were contacted again to unite the strong men of each army separately. 

If it was before, no one would have followed his orders. However, after they had directly witnessed the annihilation of the vanguard, it made it rather easier for Iscal to lead.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever commanded such a large army, but I have some knowledge on the matter. Now that they have seen their comrades die while charging recklessly, they will have no choice but to follow my words a little better.”

Rejoicing at the situation proceeding according to his plan, Iscal calmly waited for the signal.


There was a fierce battle taking place at the Budipet Castle. 

However, unlike the west gate, which had become a battlefield, the south gate, the east gate, and the north gate were not easy to invade due to their topography, and had a relatively peaceful atmosphere. This place only had the minimum number of troops for vigilance.

But at the moment, this place was not peaceful at all. Instead, there was a terrifying aura in the air.

“Hmph, they were weak.”

“They were just militiamen, nothing special. What can they do against us?”

A group of people were hiding their identities while wearing black robes. 

Their number was only a few dozen, but they killed the militiamen in front of them in an instant. In addition, the entrance was still tightly closed, yet no commotion occurred that could expose their actions. 

Immediately after confirming that the first step had been completed safely, they quickly began moving into the castle.

“Everybody has memorized the topography of this place, right?”

“Of course. If we just go around here, we’ll be in the royal castle. They should only have escort soldiers, so we should be able to get rid of them quickl…!”


At that moment, an arrow suddenly flew towards them out of somewhere. As a result, the assailants, who were dashing towards the royal castle, had to stop in their tracks.


“That way.”

“Looking at their outfits, they look like adventurers…”

“Take care of it, if you make a fuss for no reason, things will become a nuisance.”

With those words, they chased the adventurers as they leaped up the building. 

However, the speed at which the adventurers moved was also much faster than they expected, and those who wore robes began to follow them while slightly clicking their tongues.


This time, the adventurers at the front cast a fireball towards the men in robes.


The fireball hit them accurately, but despite the explosion, no one was injured.

“They are trying yo slow our pace…”

“Their mana is at a lower level. As long as we catch them, they’re dead!”

With that thought, they cast a magic barrier and started the chase again. 

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