Chapter 83: The Kingdom Project XIX (part 2)

And then arrows kept pouring down like rain.

The Sakiel Knights had never experienced such a battle before. They usually fought their battles in narrow alleys, so this relentless assault slowed down their momentum.

And, every time they felt that the enemy’s artillery fire had barely stopped.

“1st platoon reload! 2nd platoon commence bombardment!”

The barrage poured once more with the direct order from the enemy commander.

The Sakiel Knights leading the attack might have been able to avoid the first assault by luck, but the second bombardment cleanly wiped out their remaining front liners.

“What is this, the leading unit is wiped out?”

“What the…1,000 allies were wiped away in just a few minutes?”

“Curses! Even so, that’s only a small part of our forces! Keep advancing like this! Those guys won’t be able to bombard indefinitely!”

The Sakiel Knights began their forward march once again, overcoming the momentum that had stalled for a while. Certainly, as they expected, it took time to prepare for the next bombardment, and in the case of magic, it was used sparingly as there was a limit to a persons mana pool.

Sure, due to the ample support of the Beden Merchant Company, the Black Legion would have no shortage of shells and arrows, but it was impossible to completely fill the time gap between each artillery fire.

And taking advantage of that gap, the Sakiel Knights quickly crossed the bridge and started running toward the enemy camp.

The ranged attack was fierce, but even so, their opponent only consisted of a hastily recruited militia except for some veteran. They judged that there was no that they would lose as long as they got closer.


“What… what is this?”

“Kuh! Their shield! But what makes it so strong?”

A large, solid barrier of shields blocked their way.

In response, the Sakiel Knights tried to break through it by swinging their weapons, but their attacks were not producing any results. It was as if they were knocking on a solid iron door with a wooden branch.

“Damn it, get out of the way! Haaargh!”

Those with heavy equipment like giant axes and maces in their hands began to dash forward, intending to bash onto the shields. Among the Sakiel Knights, they were classified as strong, and some of them were even able to use condensation.

If they made contact, no matter how formidable the shield soldiers were, their defense would be broken through.

At that moment…



A sudden neigh of horses was heard from the side.

The sound puzzled many of the Sakiel Knights. And then, they were finally able to see the source of the sound.

It was… the advance of the cavalry soldiers sortied from both sides of the shield camp.

“Sweep them all away!”

“For the Kingdom of Hangury!”

They were all cavalrymen riding black horses, their black cloaks flowing in the wind.

They were not inexperienced recruits, but those with rich experience in the battlefield. And their attack began to tear the helpless Sakiel Knights who had crossed the bridge apart.

“Damn it! Block! Stop them!”

The knight commanders tried to stop the advance of the cavalry by any means. However, the advance of the terrifying black horses trampled everything in their path, and the knights who wielded their weapons without

hesitation seemed death gods on the battlefield.

It was not something the Sakiel Knights, who was only engaged in gang fights, could not do anything about.

And, the moment when Sakiel Knights’ had lost their spirits due to the offensive from the side.


“Keep them off!”

The shield soldiers who were only considered as a solid wall until just now, suddenly made a move.

Their spears shot out from the gaps of their shields in an instant, and pierced the bodies of Sakiel Knights, who were looking away.

The Sakiel Knights were unilaterally slaughtered without any remorse.

Nevertheless, the sign of tension didn’t disappear from the faces of the Black Legion, including Gerard.

The total number of enemies killed in the skirmishes so far was 6000.

There was no damage to their forces yet, but there were still a lot of enemies left. Above all, due to the previous battle, Gerard didn’t hastily advance, and he was taking his time to refine his formation.

‘It’s going to get a little difficult from here. Seeing the strength of our allies, I won’t rush at you recklessly…’

While thinking so, Gerard’s gaze slowly turned to the Castle Budipet located in the back.

‘Should I wait a little longer? I hope they can do it before any possible damage to our forced occur…’

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