Chapter 83: The Kingdom Project XIX (part 1)

Trust was often more important and scary than what one might expect.

It was the willingness to believe in someone based on any basis and act according to their words. However, trust was not something that could be obtained as easily as one might think.

Trust must be built upon on a long duration of time and effort. Therefore, the trust that was created suddenly couldn’t be called trust at all. 

It was as simple as that.

It was nothing more than a vague belief in someone, based on the information you see in front of your eyes for a moment. It would be stupidity to arbitrarily conclude it as trust.

The best practice would be to first go through several confirmations, and if that was not possible, approach the person with suspicion, and never recklessly trust the other party until everything was clear.

However, humans sometimes made the mistake of ignoring that process.

Not only ordinary people, but also competent merchants who valued trust could make such a mistake at any time. Such a phenomenon occurred despite the warnings of countless people throughout the long history of commerce and investment.

It happened because human beings instinctively had the habit of believing what they wanted to believe.

Even if the information in front of their eyes showed some flaws, if it was something that conformed to their beliefs, humans tend to believe it without much doubt.

Without even considering what kind of result the information they decided to believe would bring, they tend to cover it with the veil of trust.


At the moment, the Black Legion had set camp in front a bridge, over a river.

And, the large army of the Sakiel Knights were rushing towards it like a raging wave.

Watching them, the young soldiers of the Black Legion were seized with a deep sense of tension. They had already been familiar with the strength of their enemies to some extent, but nevertheless, a large army four times their size was approaching with the intention to destroy them.

It would be strange if they didn’t feel tense.

At that moment, the voice of General Gerard reached their ears.

“Calm down! There are many enemies, but they are all trash! Do not act recklessly and act only according to the training! If you do, you will surely win!”

At the clear voice of the skilled general, the soldiers calmed down and looked straight ahead.

‘Yes, the enemy’s power is obvious anyway.’

‘There are a lot of them, but even from our point of view, everything including their camp is a mess right now.’

‘Infantry and cavalry are moving together, archers and wizards are barely visible, it’s definitely according to the information we had received before.’

This was a battlefield where more than 100,000 people would be fighting with their lives on the line.

In such a battlefield, the most important thing was not numbers, but division of camps, efficient operation of troops, and trust in the allies standing right next to them.

Reminding themselves of the concepts they had been endlessly instilling in their heads for a little over a month, the new recruits of the Black Legion held their weapons firmly, and the veterans, who had reached middle age,

smiled lightly as they watched their juniors. 

Everyone calmly waited for the signal.

Just like that, the moment Sakiel’s large army was about to stand on the narrow bridge…


The sound of a trumpet was heard.

At the same time, the warriors of the Black Legion, located at the forefront, stepped forward.

They were infantryman holding shields large and hard enough to cover their entire body. They overlapped the side of the shield with the shield held by a colleague right next to them, and at the same time, pierced the lower part deeply into the ground.


“First Army, commence shelling!”

As soon as the command was given, countless artillery shells flew over the heads of the soldiers.

The artillery shells were just the beginning. Right after it came the magicians’ ranged bombardment, and finally the archers’ arrows poured down like rain.



The Sakiel Knights collapsed with miserable screams.

Although the armor they were wearing was at a level that could easily deflect arrows, it was not enough to block the shells and magic.

Explosions covered the entire battlefield and magic continued to fall down from the sky. 

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