Chapter 82: The Kingdom Project XVIII (part 2)

With those words, the King drew his sword.

The soldiers also responded by drawing their weapons to the King’s dignified appearance, which was completely different from the usual timid self. He now seemed like a lion.

“Come on! Go and teach those arrogant ones! Who are their opponents! How dreadful is the spirit of great Hangury!”


“Long live the Kingdom of Hangury!”

“For His Majesty the King!”

As soon as the King’s speech ended, a thunderous shout erupted.

While watching the people’s enthusiastic reaction, Bahamut, standing behind the King, slowly nodded his head.

‘I see…the atmosphere is very different from the original novel. None of the people here had given into despair. They seemed ready to wipe out the enemies.’

However, at the same time, Bahamut was feeling a bit disappointed. The war between Hangury and the Sakiel Knights, which was about to start in earnest, was sure to have a lot of great scenes that would make one’s eyes go round in excitement.

Unfortunately, Bahamut was not in a position to casually watch such scenes. It was quite dangerous for him to stay near the battlefield without any protection of the armed forces.

In addition, there were quite a few things that he had to take care of personally.

‘If I had a cell phone, I would have at least filmed it…haah, I guess it’s something that can’t be helped.’

After sighing inwardly, Bahamut began to issue orders to the adventurers waiting around him.

“Team 1, move toward the south gate from now on. There, act according to the orders given to you in advance. Never face a head-on confrontation.”

“I understand, Mr. Bahamut.”

“And Team 2, your orders are the same as Team 1. Team 3 protect Isolda and the others gathered in the inner area in case of an emergency.”

“I will follow your orders, Mr. Bahamut.”

“Finally, Team 4 escorts me and Ophelia from a distance. That’s all. Everyone depart.”

After giving the order to the adventurers divided into 4 teams, Bahamut also left the place and began to move to the location he planned to go.

‘It’s a rare opportunity, I can’t miss this. In addition, Ophelia is carrying Karl’s Greatsword, so we won’t be pushed back too much.’

While reviewing the future plans in his head once again, Bahamut began to hurriedly step forward.

The plan was already in motion. And he rushed to meet the person he was aiming for.


Looking at the 90,000 army lined up in front of his eyes, Iscal began to feel his heart swell up in pride.

The immense army was now moving according to his instructions.

Of course, it was the Knight Commanders who were actually commanding each troop, and Iscal’s job was only to give some instructions. However, as a commander-in-chief with tens of thousands of troops under his control, the feeling was extraordinary.

In such a thrilling mood, Iscal’s eyes seemed to see the future ahead.

The huge army would soon march to Budipet, the capital of Hangury, and wipe everything out in their path.

Bahamut was in charge of dealing with the Black Legion, so Iscal only had to deal with the weak defenders and some militia. With fewer numbers and no proper military training, they would naturally be no match for the Sakiel’s well trained army.

In addition, if Princess Layla’s preparations went well, the task would become even simpler.

‘It’s a win. It’s a perfect win. It won’t be long before the name Iscal will be heard throughout the entire continent.’

Excited, he climbed atop a hill with a clear view of the amp and kept his eyes on the scene of the battle that was about to begin.

The Knights of Sakiel were advancing toward the castle like a well trained army of ants. 

The sight of them advancing in a mixture of infantry and cavalry seemed as if someone had unleashed a hoard of angry beasts…relentlessly crushing everything in their path.

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