Chapter 82: The Kingdom Project XVIII (part 1)

There were two factors that determined the strength of an army.

One was the most commonly used method of simply counting the numbers, but at the same time it was also the most unreliable method.

Having a large number was obviously a great benefit, but it couldn’t be said that the number necessarily determined the direction of the war, and there was also the risk of being hindered if the command was misguided.

Because of that, when evaluating the strength of an army, there was another factor that wasn’t so obvious to the eye but it had to be taken into account.

It was the combat power of each individual.

There was a huge difference in ability between a peasant who was simply dragged out to the battlefield, and a skilled warrior who had experience on the battlefield.

It was a fact that was often exhibited in reality, especially in this world where mana existed, which could  strengthen the body and weapons of an individual.

In that sense, at the moment, this army, which had just crossed the border between the Dragona Empire

and Hangury and was advancing towards Budipet, was quite strong.

Their number was only about 300. 

It was too small to be considered an army. However, their strength was comparable to that of any other army.

Considering that each and every one of them was proficient in handling mana, they were often referred to as the spear of the Dragona Empire.

Their combat power was literally at a level where each and every one of them had the ability to deal with more than a hundred people by themselves.

They were the forces the Dragona Empire had deployed into this ‘war’.

An army that would destroy the Kingdom of Hangury along with the Sakiel Knights…all according to the plan.

All the necessary preparation had already been completed by Princess Leira, so this powerful force of the Dragona Empire was now advancing northward towards Budipet with tremendous speed, without being disturbed by anyone.

At the forefront of the army was a woman with silver hair and red eyes–Elios Noshelat Dragona, the White Dragon Princess of the Dragona Empire.


“As expected…in the end, it came down to this.”

The large army of the Sakiel Knights was now encamped right in front of Budipet Castle and preparing to attack. 

King Mohichi made an expression of deep concern as he watched the enormous force of 90,000 gathered in front of his eyes. Then his gaze lit up with resolution.

If he didn’t agree to their conditions, Sakiel Knights threatened to point their sword at Hangury before the Empire.

The King had already received these warnings several times before, and the situation in front of his eyes was something within his expectations. However, apart from concerns, the King also had confidence.

The Black Legion, the pride of Hangury, was waiting for the battle, fully prepared.

In addition, the maintenance of the castle’s defense forces was completed, and the lords who supported the King were requested for reinforcements.

Now, they were firmly united by only one thought—they would definitely protect their homeland, Hangury.

“Your Majesty, preparations are complete. Please give me your order.”

“Okay, let’s do that.”

At the words of the chief chamberlain, King Mohichi slowly climbed up the castle wall.

Before his eyes, were the 20,000 strong Black Legion and 5,000 strong Royal Guards, along with thousands of militiamen who were in charge of defending the walls.

The middle-aged King, clad in armor and sword, shouted with a confident voice.

“People of Hangury! The fate of this country is now in your hands!”

The King looked around at those gathered in the castle. Feeling the strong will in their eyes, the King also raised his voice even more, feeling his spirit rise.

“The enemies definitely outnumber us! However, don’t forget! This is our land. It is a place where we live and a place where our descendants will also live! We will definitely protect this country inherited from our ancestors with our own hands!”

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