Chapter 81: The Kingdom Project XVII (part 2)

“I listened to the opinions of you all. Certainly, with the Dragona Empire in front of us, a war with Hangury is not a very good choice.”

“Ha.. but..”

“Listen to the end. But even so, I also see that passing this matter lightly will tarnish the prestige of our Sakiel Knights in the future. Our dear brothers and leaders have been killed, and this cannot be left unattended. That’s why…”

Iscal’s gaze turned sharp, and he began to speak in a cautious tone.

The Sakiel Knight commanders all listened to his opinion, and their faces began to show surprise.

What Iscal said was surprising. He was proposing reconciliation with the Dragona Empire and then concentrate fully on the war against Hangury. However, in return, in order not to give the Empire an excuse for war any longer, the Sakiel Knights would completely stop the s1ave trade, which could be said to be the origin of this incident.

Regarding this, the faces of many commanders began to look deeply troubled.

“Is that…is that…really possible?”

“Anyway, I think it’s a bit excessive to grant their request without a fight.”

“If so, are you planning to deal with Hangury and the Dragona Empire at the same time? No matter how much power we gather, we must absolutely avoid such a situation. Therefore, the answer is to minimize the damage, even if it means risking a certain amount of loss.”

“That is…yes, but…”

Nonetheless, commanders still showed signs of hesitation.

Regarding their response, Iscal spoke clearly with his authority as the last remaining elder.

“Let me be clear, in the end, the point is to stop the s1ave trade altogether. If that happens, the Dragona Empire will have no reason to use their strength to oppose us. They would waive our tolls and provide many other convenience.”

“Umm…that’s…I’m sure it is…”

“It is better to deal with a toothless lion than to deal with a dragon. Rather, if we take this opportunity to destroy Hangury with our own hands, we may be able to build a good relationship with the Dragona Empire. I could ask

for another lucrative business to replace the s1ave trade.”

At Iscal’s words, many captains were troubled by the fact that they had to give up the immediate benefit. However, as he said, war with Hangury was virtually inevitable now. Dealing with the Dragona Empire would be a huge sacrifice for them.

In addition, the person who gave this opinion was Iscal, the leader who had the only authority to control the people in this place. Even if there were parts they didn’t like, it was necessary to acknowledge his authority to some extent for the immediate war.

‘It would hurt to stop the s1ave trade, but we have no better choice. Now that things have turned out like this, we have no choice but to get rid of Hangury and save our reputation.’

‘Anyway, if we fight head-on with the Dragona Empire, our damage will be beyond imagination.’

The commanders were a bit intimidated by the fact that they had to deal with a strong opponent with no guarantee of victory. For them, the command to pursue a relatively weak prey felt quite enchanting.

“Great. I will follow the opinion of Elder Iscal.”

“I will do the same.”

“From now on, our enemy is Hangury. We’ll let those basta*ds know our strength.”

The knight commanders began to express their approval one by one.

Looking at them, Iscal began to exult in the fact that everything was going according to plan.

‘Good. She said that Bahamut would take care of the Black Legion, so now all that’s left is to destroy Hangury. If this task is successfully completed, the Sakiel Knights will continue to acknowledge my authority as the

only Elder.’

As long as the alliance plan of the Sakiel Knights proposed by Iscal became successful, it would be possible to unite the Sakiel Knights that had been divided for so long, into one entity. 

And it was clear that the person sitting at the top would of course be Iscal.

‘Well then…shall we prepare for the attack as planned? There won’t be a particularly serious battle as Mr. Bahamut and our Princess will definitely make things easy.’

Assuming that everything was going well, Iscal took command of his generals and began preparations for a march towards Budipet, the capital of Hangury.

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