Chapter 81: The Kingdom Project XVII (part 1)

The sudden assassination of Sakiel Knight Elders and the executives shook the land.

Even though the Sakiel Knights had a lot of conflict with each other, the role of the elders and executives until now was only to coordinate with minimal conflict. Their power did not particularly reach every corner of the organization.

However, this time, after the declaration of war by the Dragona Empire, the authority of the elders was higher than ever, and the power of the executives who assisted them was considerably stronger than before.

Discipline and control was important in wartime, so the free-spirited and selfish Sakiel Knights were implicitly following their command.

However, last night, all of the elders and executives except Iscal and his aides were assassinated!

And that, too, at such a moment, by the Kingdom of Hangury. 

In the unexpected emergency, the remaining leaders of Sakiel Knights, who led each knight faction, naturally gathered together and had a quick meeting.

“I never thought something like this would happen so suddenly…”

“I thought we would be able to negotiate with Hangury today or tomorrow, but why…”

Although there were concerns about the Black Legion, honestly, many Sakiel Knights thought that the Black Legion was not a big deal against the 90,000 man large army on their side

Moreover, most of the soldiers of the Legion were newly recruited. They couldn’t compare to the Sakiel Knights, who made a living from fighting constantly in various gang fights. Moreover, the Black Legion was smaller in terms of number, so the Sakiel Knights thought that they could bend the will of the King of Hangury with force.

However, the Kingdom responded by assassinating their leaders. As a result, Sakiel Knight’s opinions were largely divided into two branches.

“Let’s start the attack right now! In any case, this is like a declaration of war from Hangury!”

“That’s right. After all, they have crossed the line. There is no need to waste time!”

“Who cares about the Black Legion? Do they think they can win just because the have good weapons!”

An overwhelming majority of the knight commanders wanted to start the war early. No matter what their normal relationship was, they were very angry at the fact that their high-ranking officials had been assassinated by the weak Hangury. They  insisted on resolute retribution.

But…even in such tense atmosphere, there were also those who insisted on prudence.

“Of course, I agree that the current situation should not be taken lightly. But have you forgotten? The purpose of our arrival is not to attack Hangury, but to deal with the Dragona Empire.”

“Grudges can be repaid later. But now we must prepare to face the formidable enemy right in front of us. We don’t have the energy to use our strength against Hangury.”

“Then, what would you do if Hangury and the Dragona Empire joined forces to attack us? That would be the worst.”

Even though they were angry, they knew that they just couldn’t recklessly increase the number of enemies they had to face.

However, those who insisted on a war with Hangury began to speak louder.

“If that’s the case, are you saying that we just let this situation pass?”

“We can’t! This is also related to the reputation of our Sakiel Knights!”

“Considering the morale of the soldiers, we cannot leave Hangury alone! We will instantly reduce their castle to ashes in front of their eyes! Let’s show the strength of our Sakiel Knights!”

“It’s not something that simple!”

“I don’t know about Hangury, but we can’t take the Dragona Empire lightly! If the Rose Empress suddenly attacks when we are exhausted, what will we do then!”

The opinions on both sides showed no signs of calming down.

And so, their eyes slowly turned to the person who had been silent all along, Elder Iscal.

He was the only surviving member of the Five Elders, and in fact had the biggest say in this meeting.

In the end, all decisions had to be made by him, so the captains began to gather their gazes on him in order to listen to his opinions.

And, sensing that, Iscal finally opened his mouth.

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