Chapter 80: The Kingdom Project XVI (part 2)

“Hahahahaha! This is great. I can’t believe that our potential would be this much! I was expecting it, but seeing it in action is truly amazing!”

“Anyway, aren’t we the ones holding the underground economy of this continent! Even the Dragona Empire will now have to lower its head before our might.”

“The Hangurians rebuilt the Black Legion by a fluke. King Mohichi, who saw the strength of our Sakiel Knights, is probably hiding in the corner of the room and trembling by now!”

The elders and executives were chattering away cheerfully while half-drunk. 

Even though they all belonged to the Sakiel Knights, they were far from being united. They didn’t even completely trust the people that had gathered in this place. Nevertheless, the sense of intimidation given by their numbers was obviously great.

“Come on, get yourself a drink.”

“Yes? Ha…but right now I’m on an escort mission…”

“It’s okay, take a drink! Anyway, you won’t be able to see a bottle for a while after today. So go ahead!”

In the very encouraging atmosphere, the elders and executives began to pay attention to even the subordinates who they normally didn’t take care of.

In fact, it was true that there would no time to drink other than today, as they had a march scheduled from the next day. Therefore, the escort soldiers also began to receive drinks one by one, feeling a little uncomfortable.

“Kaa…good, good. I don’t really get drunk, but today this drink really hits the spot!”

“That’s right. Even the Chief Elder seems a bit tipsy!”

“I don’t know who procured the alc0hol, but it’s very strong.”

“Ah, that was prepared by our youngest elder elder! That young man is quite competent!”

“Hahahaha, he sure knows his stuff! To be honest, I was a little angry when he opposed our s1ave business, but these days, he seems to have changed his mind! He brought in a lot of troops, and served a lot of good wine!”

“Come on, drink, drink! Let’s get very drunk today!”

The elders, officers, and even their bodyguards were immersed in a carousing atmosphere while they drank.

And…while watching this, elder Iscal gave orders to the men gathered behind him in a quiet voice.


At the same time the order was given, a few of the Sakiel Knights entered the tent with weapons in their hands.

Then, for a while, a commotion was heard in the tent, and soon it became dead silent.


The sun had risen right above their heads.

However the elders and key executives didn’t appear no matter how long they waited. And so, the Sakiels began to express their doubts.

“What happened? Why haven’t the other high-ranking people arrive yet?”

Iscal asked in a sharp voice.

In response, one of the commanders of the Sakiel Knights spoke to him in an embarrassed expression.

“That…that…to be honest, we don’t know. According to the plan, they should have arrived by now.”

“Are they…still drunk and sleeping? I heard that the other five elders and executives had a drinking party last night.”

“Haa…they could have had a drinking party after everything is over, but now…”

Iscal spoke up with a frustrated expression.

Then, as if he couldn’t help it, he spoke to the knight commanders who were present.

“You guys follow me. There won’t be much noise even if I forcefully wake up the other five elders.”


“I understand, Elder.”

After that Iscal and the Sakiel Knights headed to the place where the drinking party took place last night.

And…the scene they saw there…


“What… what is this…”

“No…the elders..ugh…how?”

“Everyone, even our executives…this…it can’t be…”

What they witnessed was the figures of the Sakiel Knight’s high-ranking officials who had already become cold corpses.

And…in the middle of their corpses was something that no one expected to see.

It was flag depicting a roaring lion.

The Sakiel Knights could recognize at a glance what it symbolized.

“I…could that be…”

“Huh…the Kingdom of Hangury?”

“They…how could they do this? No matter what, they are the elders and executives…”

It was unbelievable, but with the evidence right in front of them, they had no choice but to believe it.

Gradually, emotions of confusion and anger began to bloom on the faces of the Sakiel Knights Commanders, and at the same time, a cold smile began to bloom on Iscal’s lips.

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