Chapter 22: The villainess smiles (part 2)

I looked around. People’s attention was not drawn to me and Shael.

I had achieved my goal on my own.

It was a huge improvement compared to the original novel.

In the novel, Shael was at a banquet where everyone was happy, and she was mocked at every moment.

The reason for that was the instigation of the Mage Tower Lord. So, people easily came to hate Shael.

Moreover, there were quite a few Mage Tower mages in the banquet hall.

Apart from not having a good relationship with the Mage Tower Lord, the mages of the Tower would have had to follow his orders. It was because they were well aware of the his nasty personality.

They targeted and mocked Shael for her dancing.

In the original novel, there was no way that Shael would’ve practiced her dance. Even when she practiced with me, she couldn’t dance properly. Therefore, it was obvious what would happen when the eyes of so many

people would be focused on her.

In the novel, she danced more sloppily than anyone else.

So, it was only natural that the people would mock Shael because of the instigation of the Mage Tower Lord. And the mages of the Tower who knew the character of the Mage Tower Lord treated her as a laughing stock.

But what about now?

Even though she made some mistakes, Shael danced with good skill.

There was no way she would become a laughing stock. Above all, people were not paying attention to Shael at all.

It was because a different situation happened than it was in the novel.

The object of their attention was the Crown Prince, Jerroch Edgars.

Originally, he was supposed to have suffered from the curse of the Mage Tower because of the Mage Tower Lord. But now, he had taken off his disguise and the cloak with which he had covered his face with.

Most of the people were already dancing, but the Crown Prince was still without a partner.

The prince must have been angry when he checked Clie’s wound earlier.

But he persevered.

‘What was the reason?’ The reason must have been that he wanted to dance with Clie.

Because he must have judged that punishing the Mage Tower Lord should be done after dancing with Clie.

Everyone was looking at him. Indeed, everyone wanted to know— who will the prince ask for a dance?

He hesitated in frustration as he looked at Clie.

The Crown Prince was obsessed with the female protagonist, Clie. He usually tended to act boldly, but also became extremely timid in such important situations.

That was the character of Jerroch Edgars.

In the original novel, Clie uses the Mage Tower Lord to make him jealous.

At the banquet hall, she would accompany the Mage Tower Lord. When she wanted to dance, she would go to the Mage Tower Lord, as she watched the hesitant Crown Prince looking at her without taking off his disguise.

Actually, the Crown Prince at that time couldn’t even take off his disguise due to the curse of the Mage Tower, which he must have suffered from at night.

Of course, Clie, who was unaware of that, invites the Mage Tower Lord to dance.

That must have been the moment when the relationship between the Mage Tower Lord and the Crown Prince began to fall apart.

The Mage Tower Lord was still near the central pillar.

It wasn’t to check the Mage Tower’s curse. Somehow, I could guess that it was probably caused by the Pill of Lies. Because the Mage Tower Lord would have wanted to dance with Clie as well.

The Mage Tower Lord, who wanted to get closer to Clie, would have to distance himself instead.

Clie was keeping an eye on the Crown Prince again this time. She will probably try to make the timid prince jealous in order to make him take action.

However, there was no way Clie could go to the Mage Tower Lord like she did in the novel.

Because she got the wound on her forearm from Aren.

There was no way she would ask the Mage Tower Lord to dance.

She wouldn’t invite the Crown Prince to dance herself as well. She wanted make the Crown Prince make an offer to her first.

That was the character of Clie.

Anyway, it didn’t matter to me. It didn’t look like a fight between the Mage Tower Lord and the Crown Prince would happen yet.

So I decided to focus on Shael for now. 

And, it happened when I was about to invite Shael, who was drinking water, to dance again.

“Hey, would you like to dance with me?”

It was Clie’s voice. Clie was asking me to dance.

‘Nonsense!’ It was total nonsense!

Clie must have already seen us when Shael and I were dancing.

She even must have known that Shael and I were engaged. Because Clie was also quick-witted.

Above all, the meaning of dancing in the romanic fantasy novel was quite significant!

It was not just a simple matter of dancing. Only those who had a crush on each other or who were in a special relationship would dance together.

It also meant that they would not dance with people they had no relationship with. 

So, asking me to a dance while I was with Shael, my fiancée, was something unimaginable.

As a result, people’s attention changed from the Crown Prince to me. As I, too, was the son of a duke.

It was the same with my fiancé, Shael. So it was only natural that people’s eyes would gather.

The Crown Prince was glaring at me with a frown on his face. That resentful look on his face, as if his lover had been taken away, was a bonus.

There was no way I would accept this request! I

It happened when I was about to flatly refuse Clie’s invitation.

Someone blocked my way. It wasn’t the Mage Tower Lord or the Crown Prince. 

I saw that familiar light blue hair that I see quite often.

It was Shael. Shael stood still as she stared at Clie. Even so, one could feel arrogance of a villainess. 

She then said, “He is mine.”

Shael, who uttered words that no one had expected, smiled menacingly at Clie.

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