Chapter 23: The villainess surprises (part 1)

Every eyes in the banquet hall was watching Shael and Clie.

It must have been for the rumor that everyone knew from the beginning that Shael’s personality was not good.

By the way, recently another rumor has been circulating as well.

It was the rumor  that Shael had fallen in love with me.

It was a rumor that wasn’t true at all. Perhaps Duke Jespen had played a part in spreading that rumor.

But why did Shael say such a thing to Clie? The answer was simple.

It was because Shael hates Clie. She was the one who had ruined Shael’s clothes.

Shael must have thought that Clie’s actions were intentional, not an accident.

So did I.

No matter how you looked at it, it was hard to understand why she spilled wine on Shael during the short time I was talking to the Mage Tower Lord.

“Eh, sorry! I didn’t know you already had a partner…!”

Clie bowed her head and apologized. Her shoulders were trembling. No, her whole body was trembling like that.

It was a pitiful figure that made everyone feel sympathy.

No matter what Clie really had in her heart, once she bowed her head, the opponent was bound to be defeated.

She exuded an air of someone who needs to be protected. So no one could harm her in front of the people.

For that reason, in the novel, Clie makes full use of her own strengths. 

Although I hadn’t read the second half of the novel, I did read the side story that was close to the end. And, I knew most of the contents of the book. So I knew what kind of character Clie was pretty well.

If it was the Clie that I knew, she would have bowed her head even if she didn’t feel sorry.

Then no one could harm her.

Except for one person, Shael.

“You should have already known.”

Even in that situation, Shael still glared at Clie and pushed on. 

Even though warm music was playing in the banquet hall, the atmosphere had become cold.

“Why did you suddenly become mute?”

Shael asked again while looking at Clie, who remained silent and only lowered her head.

People in the banquet hall couldn’t help but be nervous.

Shael had instantly changed the atmosphere in the banquet hall.

It was at that moment, the music stopped. It was the signal to announce the end of the banquet.

People looked at Shael and began to hurriedly leave the banquet hall. Watching the drama unfold wasn’t really important to them at the moment. They must have thought that if they remained there, she might take out her anger on them.

The rumors about Shael were not always very accurate.

They probably didn’t know about Shael’s strength. They must have misunderstood Shael as a mage of great skill.

It was only natural, considering that she was from the Azbel family. Moreover, Shael also infused her magic into the pillars of the Mage Tower at the banquet.

Since she had completely cleansed the pillar of the ominous energy, the misunderstanding was inevitable.

Once some quick-witted people got out, others started moving as well.

The crowded banquet hall became quiet in an instant.

Considering that her meek behavior, which was also her strength, didn’t work, Cile must be feeling quite embarrassed. Because she never had any other strength beyond that.

At least it was like that in the novel.

But unlike what it was in the novel, Clie looked calm.

It was quite strange. 

This Clie hadn’t had much contact with Shael yet. Even if she knew from the rumors that Shael had a bad personality, she should’ve been quite flustered considering that her methods didn’t work on a opponent for the first time.

It was strange for her to be so calm in such a bad situation.

But I had no choice but to erase that thought, as I felt a strange aura of magical power from somewhere.

It meant that someone had used magic.

Shael was in front of me. So it wasn’t her. It was neither the Crown Prince nor Cile.

I could feel that magic power from the pillar in the center.

It belonged to the Mage Tower Lord, Aren Jaygers.

He had his fists clenched with his face down. The Mage Tower Lord wasn’t supposed to control his own behavior because of the Pill of Lies.

Now that he was able to, it could mean only one thing…

The Mage Tower Lord, Aren Jaygers, had finally escaped from the effects of the dr*g.

Aren had taken twenty pills. Considering the duration of each pill, the effect couldn’t have worn out in only one day.

From what I could feel from the magic power, the Mage Tower Lord had used Detoxification Magic.

The Mage Tower Lord wasn’t supposed to have learned the Detoxification Magic. However, he clearly exceeded the extent of my knowledge.

As for why he was able to use the Detoxification Magic, it was possible to use it even if one was under the effect of the Pill of Lies. 

It was clear that Aren had escaped the effects of the dr*g.

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