Chapter 23: The villainess surprises (part 2)


Aren hit the pillar with his fist. The loud noise was enough to show how angry Aren was.

Moreover, it was a situation where Clie was watching.

It was possible for him to get a little irritated on the outside, but it was quite rare for the Mage Tower Lord to get this angry in front of Clie.

He was angry enough to ignore even that.

Well, he must have realized that he had hurt the woman he liked under the effect of a strange drug. So it was natural that he would be angry.

“It’s you…”

The Mage Tower Lord was pointing at the culprit who he suspected had drugged him.

The one the Mage Tower Lord was looking at was the Crown Prince! 

No, maybe it wasn’t because of his heartache, but because he didn’t like the prince who looked at Clie all the time.

He was gathering mana in his hands.

Unfortunately, the Crown Prince found himself in a situation where he would have to fight for no reason. However, the Crown Prince did not reveal his circumstances.

This was because the Crown Prince also wanted to fight with the Mage Tower Lord. 

The Crown Prince drew his sword.

“Oh, wait!”

Clie spoke up. However, Aren and Jerroch, who were already prepared to fight, payed attention to her words.

And then, they started fighting.

Of course, the Mage Tower Lord used magic, and the Crown Prince used his swordsmanship.

They were the male protagonists of romanic fantasy novels.

In the second half of the novel, they become so strong that those around them wouldn’t dare to approach them.

Of course they made sure that Clie would be safe while they fought.

As soon as the fight started, the Crown Prince used an excellent protective magic tool to protect Clie. 

The Mage Tower Lord cast his protection magic not on himself, but on Clie as well.

It was a bit odd.


I heard an explosion.

It was unbelievable that two people fighting could create such a sound.

The Mage Tower Lord’s magic was intense, and the Crown Prince’s swordsmanship was sharp. 

Even in the novel, the Mage Tower Lord and the Crown Prince fought quite frequently. 

So how did the female lead end the situation at that time?

Once again, Clie would utilize her methods. She used her weakness as strength each time.

Both the Mage Tower Lord and the Crown Prince already knew that Clie was a terminally ill woman. So if she just coughed and looked unwell, they would stop fighting.

But now, Clie was quiet. She was just watching their fight.

It happened when I was preoccupied with watching her carefully, feeling the strangeness of her quietness.

The magic of the Mage Tower Lord was coming our way!

It was a sharp, and swift steel shrapnel.

Since he had already cast enough protection magic on Clie, he was running amok with his magic.

However, the steel shrapnel was pointed to Shael.

Shael was trying to stop it with the magic she learned from me. But that wouldn’t help.

It was the magic of the Mage Tower Lord. Moreover, that magic was one of the most powerful he had in his arsenal.

‘I have to step in!’

It was too brief a moment to use magic. There was not enough time to pull out my main weapon, the sword.

So, I had to block it with my body!


It was the sound of steel sinking into my body. Normally, protection magic would be enough to block it, but it was impossible to block it without preparation.

The magic of the Mage Tower Lord was very strong as expected.

I couldn’t even bear even one of his attacks.

Still, my consciousness began to fade. Fortunately, I was still able to hear a faintly audible voice.

The voice was mixed in with the sound of the huge battle between the Mage Tower Lord and the Crown Prince.

ㅡ You weakling!

That was Shael’s voice. 

‘You’re calling me a weakling?’

It was not something one would say to the person who blocked the magic on their behalf.

As expected, the villainess was indeed a villainess.

ㅡ Cough!

The next thing I heard was the sound of coughing. It was Clie. 

Then the roaring sound stopped.

The Mage Tower Lord and the Crown Prince didn’t care even when I was injured, but they stopped fighting at the sound of Clie’s coughing.

It’s a pity that it happened only after I was injured…

It was fortunate though. I was able to immerse myself in my fading consciousness.


In a quiet atmosphere, warm sunlight was streaming in through the windows. 

Looking around, I judged that the place where I was lying was the hospital room.

A bandage was wrapped around my abdomen where the steel shrapnel had been lodged.

“If you’re going to pass out in one shot, why the hell did you try to block it?”

I heard someone’s voice next to me. That voice filled with sharpness belonged to Shael.

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