Chapter 24: The villainess is bitter (part 1)

“If you’re going to pass out in one shot, why the hell did you jump in?”

Shael said coldly. She had an atmosphere that reminded me of Shael from the past. The atmosphere before I scolded her, and called her a bit*ch.

Shael was waiting for my answer.

“If I had had time to draw my sword, I wouldn’t have passed out.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Shael said in a tone as if she didn’t believe my excuse.

It was true though. I belonged to the bloodline of the famous swordsman, the Baslett family.

If I had had time to pull out my sword, I could have avoided the situation where I had to faint.

Even though I knew how to use magic, it wasn’t my area of expertise.

Shael was still glaring at me.

“Are you really that worried?”


Of course, Shael directly denied my words.

I had nothing more to say, so I looked around to escape this awkward atmosphere. 

It was a fairly large hospital room. On the table in the corner were medicines that seemed tasteless at first glance, and packs of unknown juices.

As if Shael noticed my gaze, she grinned and said.

“The doctor told you to take them all.”

Shael pointed to the piled up items on the table. They were exactly the packs of all kinds of medicines and juices I had seen.

The amount was unbelievable!

In the first place, I had a big wound on my stomach, not a disease. I didn’t really need to take all those medicine.

The wound wasn’t so deep that it could threaten my life. Even if it would be burdensome to treat it with healing magic, it wasn’t something that required me to take that pile of medicines.

I really didn’t want to take those medicines.

It was as if Shael had read my mind. So it was only natural that the villainess would try her best to make me take those medicine.

Shael put the packs of medicines and juices beside my bed with her own hands.

“Eat everything.”

It was indeed a staggering number of medicines. There seemed to be more than twenty pills, which even exceeded the number she made the Mage Tower Lord take.

No, it didn’t even come close to that! 

There were also several kinds of concentrates made from various herbs.

“You gave the Mage Tower Lord twenty pills, but why are you giving me medicines that make it difficult to even count them all?”

Shael nodded her head. She tore off the wrapping paper of the medicine herself. She took my hand and started to place the pills on top.

No, she started piling them up.

“How many are you going to give me!”

Shael didn’t stop at my words. It wasn’t until quite a few pills piled up that she stopped. By that point, there were heaps of pills on my hand.

“I will die from an overdose.”

“People don’t die that easily.”

I had no choice but to put the medicine in my mouth. Fortunately, there were no medications that had side effects just because I took a lot of them.

Still, the villainess served them to me herself, so I couldn’t just throw them away.

‘No, would she really care about me?’

That thought left me as soon as I started to chew the pills.

Shael didn’t even give me water, so I was just chewing on those bitter pills.

I glared at Shael with a bitter taste in my mouth. 

Shael smiled at my angry gaze in response.

I swallowed the pills with difficulty. Now I needed something to rinse my mouth with. Even though I had already swallowed it all, I could still feel the bitter taste.

“Water. Please give me some water.”

“There is no water, but I do have something similar.”

Shael started giving me the juices that were placed next to my bed.

She… she wanted me to drink those herbal concentrate instead of water. Was this really the way you should treat a patient?

But I couldn’t say anything.

Chewing those countless pills was more painful than I thought. It was too bitter and frustrating. I felt like I had to drink something right now.

It was also impossible to use magic related to water. Drinking water produced from mana would have no effect.

It would just give me the feeling of swallowing the air.

There was no other way. So I started drinking the concentrate she gave me.

But it also didn’t work. The concentrate this evil woman gave me was very bitter as well. It was disgusting!

This, too, was clearly what this wicked woman was aiming for.

“They say that bitter things is good for your health.”

Shael must have noticed my suffering, she was saying things that scratched my mind.

I was injured in order to save her, but the treatment I was receiving was preposterous!

So, I decided to sacrifice my body for revenge! And, the method was simple.

I had to deceive the villainess!

“Ah, this juice is more delicious than I thought!”


“Is there any more?”

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