Chapter 24: The villainess is bitter (part 2)

Shael’s smile slowly faded away. Then she put on a puzzled look. 

[It can’t be like that…] 

She must be thinking that. Therefore, to make her even more flustered, I endured the pain and started gulping down another glass of  juice I had grabbed from her hand.

“This juice is quite sweet.”

It was something the villainess liked, so it was just the right bait. 

Yes, Shael liked sweet food.

So, this was the best way to stimulate her curiosity.

Shael stared at me with disdain.

Then she secretly grabbed the juice that was lying next to my bed and took it into her hand.

‘Stupid villainess!’ She never thought I would dare to act in such a situation. 

She took the juice to her mouth. Then she started drinking.


The Villainess was weak against bitterness.

“Disgusting, what are you doing in front of a patient?”


Shael couldn’t even refute my words, and she made a moaning noise.

After some time passed, the wicked woman came to her senses. She didn’t glare at me.

She was pondering something. Presumably, she was looking for another way to annoy me.

Then, Shael called someone to bring food.

It was more of a feast than a meal!

Shael started putting food in front of me as well. However, unlike the ones placed in front of Shael, they were quite shabby.

“What is it?”

“Eat. They say that eating is good for your health.”

Of course it was. In front of me, there was food that could only be good for the body. In other words, they were tasteless!

Shael proudly began to eat the well-prepared food by herself. 

So I launched a counter attack, “Feeding only healthy food to me shows just how much you really love me.”

At my words, Shael stopped eating and started to cough. She then glared at me again.

But she stopped, then she started to think about something. 

Suddenly Shael laughed and started giving me some side dishes as well.

It was strange. There was no way she would succumb with a single word!

It was an absolutely unacceptable situation.


When Eran was hit by the magic attack instead of her, Shael doubted her eyes.

‘Why on earth did he block the magic for me?’ 

It wasn’t like Eran was under some kind of spell when he was hit by the magic.

‘Come to think of it, he was always like this…’ 

Even when she had injured her hand when the teacup broke, even when she was in danger of being poisoned.

Eran had always helped her.

So Shael got mad at Eran for making her think so many complicated things, and got all kinds of bitter medicine and put them in his hospital room.

‘I will definitely make him eat them all, and make him feel the bitter taste!’

And as expected, she was able to feed Eran quite a bit of those bitter pills.

Of course, Shael fell for Eran’s trick and had no choice but to drink the bitter juice.

So the next thing she came up with was food. She herself would eat the delicious food, and she was going to give Eran tasteless food on the pretext of improving his health.

As planned, she gave Eran some shabby food and then started eating delicious food by herself.

Then Eran spoke up while looking at her.

[Feeding only healthy food to me shows just how much you really love me.]

At Eran’s words, Shael was taken aback. How could he say something like that so casually?

She couldn’t swallow her food properly, so she started to cough. Then she glared at Eran, and thought. ‘Yes, he was like this every time.’ 

Whenever she tried to bully Eran, it would end up backfiring on her. 

Shael had never seen Eran panic.

So she began to think. ‘Then, in what way can I embarrass my fiancé?’

She began to think back to the one time when Eran was flustered.

That was when she had accidentally taken the Pill of Lies and said something strange. She had said that she loved Eran.

At that time, Eran had panicked!

So Shael decided to use that method again. 

What she had said that at that time, was also due to the medicinal effect of the Pill of Lies, and she had felt very ashamed.

‘What if I did that now?’

Similar to what happened in the past, she would be able to see the bewildered look on Eran’s face! 

So she changed her strategy. She had to do and say something embarrassing to her fiancé.

Shael immediately took action and gave Eran a side dish. As expected, Eran looked puzzled as he stared at her.

“What is it?”

Eran even spoke up as if he was in doubt.

‘Yes, this is it!’

Shael wanted to embarrass Eran even more.

‘In that case, what should I say?’

[He is mine.]

Suddenly, she remembered what she had said to Clie at the banquet hall. 

‘Yes, that’s it!’ 

So Shael acted on her thoughts, while anticipating the expression her fiancé would make.

“Even if you have a bad personality, you belong to me.”

It sounded as if Eran was her own property. It was a statement that would shock anyone.

It was at that moment, Duke Jespen entered the room.

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