Chapter 80: The Kingdom Project XVI (part 1)

“That…is that true? That Bahamut…he is one of Lady Elios’s men?”

“Given the circumstances, it is very likely. I have already confirmed it myself.”

“Oh… ”

At Leira Matani’s words, the middle-aged Sakiel Elder, Iscal’s face began to glow with admiration.

Elios Noshelat Dragona, their master and the princess of the Dragona Empire.

Iscal had never imagined that her hand would reach out to one of the continent’s greatest merchants.

“Good. I wasn’t able to contact the Princess because the surveillance was so severe, but this is indeed a good news… ”

“I agree. To be honest, it was a good plan to sever his relationship with the king, but if that person is an ally, the story will be different.”

They had been on the defensive stance ever since Bahamut appeared.

No matter how hard they tried to destroy the power of the Kingdom of Hangury, there was no way to overcome Bahamut, who poured support in the form of overwhelming funds and resources.

But now, they found out that he was doing it as a part of his plan to destroy Hangury in one go!

For Leira and Iscal, who were plotting things for the Dragona Empire, it could be said that the news was like rain falling during a drought.

“If so, what should we do in the future? Should we continue working like this? Otherwise…”

“Ah, we have already finished talking about that. Mr. Bahamut will focus on the complete annihilation of the Black Legion in his own way, so we just have to continue working on our own.”

“Very well. Then, the Sakiel Knights will proceed as planned.”

And so, the hope for the future, which had dimmed for a moment, began to light up again on Iscal’s face, after having shaken off all his worries.

‘Good. With this, there are no more variables to hinder our plans. It’s not long now…the moment of glory with the power of the Dragona Empire…’

Although he had the position of a Sakiel elder, he had gotten that far with the help of the Dragona Empire.

He was the one who had been delivering the Dragona Empire’s unofficial warning tp the Sakiel Knights.

He was also the one carrying out the demand to stop the s1ave business run by the Sakiel Knights by any means, but the benefits of the business were so great that other elders refused to do so, and eventually the situation escalated to the current point.

As a result, Iscal, unwillingly became a target of his master, the Dragona Empire, but soon, he began looking for an opportunity to turn the situation around by linking up with another of his patrons, Princess Leira.

Although she had declared war, the main purpose of the Rose Empress was the destruction of the Sakiel Knights, who went against her will, and continued to carry out the s1ave trade.

However, he personally attempted to negotiate with his actual master, the Dragona Empire, and as a result, he succeeded in obtaining satisfactory conditions.

And, now that the last variable, Bahamut, had disappeared, he was able to breathe a sight of relief.

“Okay, it was scheduled for tomorrow night, right? Make sure you handle it without mistakes. Only when your plan goes well can my affairs be resolved easily.”

“Of course. We will do it perfectly without any errors.”

After completing the final check, the two left the room at the same time with a smile on their lips.


Sakiel Knight’s large army finally finished gathering.

The total number was 90,000, which was much higher than expected, and it was the result of the competitive spirit between each faction regarding the number of troops they could bring.

The Sakiel Knights was at the risk of destruction, so they tried to bring even one more knight from other regions.

Of course, it was definitely a positive phenomenon for winning the war, but at the same time, it could be said to be a phenomenon that indirectly showed how great the infighting within them was, even though they belonged to the same group.

Anyway, now that the long-awaited troop gathering had been successfully completed, the elders and other executive-level Sakiels were congratulating themselves on the current situation and having one last drink before the war.

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