Chapter 79: The Kingdom Project XV (part 2)

In fact, Ophelia had already asked him about the matter with a stiff expression on her face, and Bahamut firmly replied that there was no such thing.

To be honest, no matter what other people thought, to Bahamut, the woman named Leira was unlikable.

‘Do they think that I’m crazy? She is a traitorous b1tch who wants to sell out her own country. But…if I have the chance, I do want to make her taste hell just like I did with that nun some time ago.’

However, to be honest, since the other person was a princess of a country, Bahamut came to the conclusion that it would be difficult for him to directly punish Leila, as he had always done.

Of course, that didn’t mean that he had no intention of leaving that nasty b1tch alone. He had considered an appropriate disposal method when it was the right time.

Feeling a bit of regret and anticipation, Bahamut tried to concentrate on his work again.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

There was a sudden knock on the door.

“Yes? Come in.”

Seeing that the person had faced no restrictions at the entrance, Bahamut gave permission to enter the room, thinking that it was probably someone from the Beden Merchant Company.

Then, the door slowly opened and a familiar face came inside.

Bahamut was a little surprised and cautiously greeted her.

“Welcome, your name should be Yuria, right? You are working as Isolda’s secretary.”

“Yes, Mr. Bahamut. I am Miss Isolda’s secretary. My name is Yuria Sweets.”

Although he had seen her quite often, this was the first time Bahamut was directly talking with this girl.

In response, Bahamut greeted her with the kindest smile possible.

“Okay, what did you come here for? Did Isolda send you with any errands?”

“No, nothing like that. Actually, I came because I had something I wanted to say personally to Mr. Bahamut. Regarding Miss Isolda.”

Yuria spoke as if she was giving a presentation.

In response, Bahamut nodded his head kindly, thinking that the girl was quite smart. As expected of someone chosen by Isolda herself.

“Yes? You mean there’s something you want to say to me about Isolda? Please feel free to talk.”

Bahamut said to Yuria with a light heart, he was thinking that maybe she wanted to talk about something related to work.

And, when he granted his permission, Yuria spoke to him without any hesitation or shame.

“Mr. Bahamut, Miss Isolda loves you very much.”

“Hahahaha…is that so.. Isolda loves me…eh? What…what?”

Yuria fired that unexpected information with a direct hit.

In response, Bahamut put on a dazed expression for a moment, and Yuria spoke to Bahamut again.

“Miss Isolda loves Mr. Bahamut very much. Because of that, she has been expressing her affection for a while now, but it seems like you still didn’t notice, so I came to tell you in person.”

“No…no, wait a minute. That…it can’t be. Isolda likes me…no, she loves me? Yuria, I think you are misunderstanding something.”

“It’s not a misunderstanding. I saw with my own eyes that she was crying over the story that Mr. Bahamut might marry that princess or something.”


Bahamut still couldn’t come to his senses even when he thought about whether the rumors had crawled all the way there.

Although Isolda showed a very passionate reaction whenever they slept together, it still felt like something she did in the heat of passion. In terms of their relationship, he only considered her as a slightly close friend.

Isolda always spoke to him in a dry tone, and Bahamut himself had no memory of doing anything that would impress her.

However, Bahamut couldn’t clearly deny Yuria’s words.

‘There is no reason for this girl to lie. And if I think about it now, there are indeed a few things that proves her point…’

Bahamut thought about the time when Isolda stayed behind to face the assassins in order to protect him just a while ago. Looking back now, it was something one would do only for someone they had feelings for.

“If I think about it, there are indeed some things that proves your point…if I consider her a tsundere, it really is possible that she has feelings for me.”

Watching Bahamut finally arrive at the truth, Yuria began to smile.

In fact, she didn’t really know what the consequences of what she had done would be. Perhaps, it wouldn’t change anything in the end, and as rumored, Bahamut would marry the princess, and Isolda would continue to remain lonely.

However, at least with this, Isolda’s feelings were conveyed, and that alone made Yuria feel fortunate.

She had no idea that Bahamut didn’t have the intention to accept Princess Leira in the first place.

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