Chapter 79: The Kingdom Project XV (part 1)

“Then…I look forward to seeing you in the future, Mr. Bahamut.”

“Same here.”

Bahamut and Princess Leira parted after politely greeting each other in front of the door.

From their appearance, it looked as if they were deciding on a secret meeting between lovers, and the atmosphere between them seemed to indicate that they were quite close.

And… watching the interaction between the two, the guards slowly nodded their heads.

‘As expected, there must have been a secret affair between those two.’

‘They’re a really good pair. For the sake of the Kingdom, I hope the two of them maintain a harmonious relationship.’

Bahamut was supported by many people, especially the Black Legion. So his relationship with Princess Leira, who was considered the most beautiful woman in Hangury, was considered to be positive in many ways for
the future of the kingdom.

And that was also something that King Mohichi hoped for.

Although, naturally, as a father, he was enraged when he heard that Bahamut tried to violate Leira by force, but after the misunderstanding was resolved and he learned about Laira’s feelings, he was thinking that it would be nice to be able to have Bahamut as his daughter’s groom.


“Really? Bahamut with Princess Leira…”

“Yes! There’s a lot of talk going around in the castle right now about that!”

“I see…”

To Yuria’s worried words, Isolda answered in a dry voice as usual. It was as if she was listening to someone else’s story that had nothing to do with her.

Regarding her reaction, Yuria spoke to her with a bit of frustration.

“No, are you really going to stay still like this? Whatever happens, you have to take action! At this rate, Mr. Bahamut will really get married with that princess…”

“That’s up to Bahamut to decide, and it’s not a matter where you or I can do anything about. Don’t worry about useless things and do your work. I still have a mountain of things to deal with…”

“Aww…! If you’re really going to keep acting like that, I don’t know anymore! Lady Isolda, do whatever you want!”

Yuria bursts out in exasperation at Isolda’s lukewarm reaction and went outside.

Immediately after the eyes that had been watching her disappeared, Isolda’s hand, which had been moving endlessly, stopped.


Tuk! Tuk!

Tears began to fall drop by drop on the paper.

Although she didn’t show it in front of Yuria, she was feeling as if her heart was about to explode.


It was just a simple rumor and there were a lot of things that was unclear, but even considering it made Isolda feel sad.

Her opponent was a princess of this country, and she was also extremely beautiful.

Of course, Isolda herself thought that she wasn’t inferior in terms of appearance. But the difference in status was far superior, and above all, the dirty sins she had committed in the past were still left on her hands.

It was only natural that he was more attracted to the innocent and clean Princess Leira than herself.

Above all, Isolda herself was well aware that she had no chance of winning.

‘It can’t be helped. No matter how much I want it… that princess is a better person than me…’

Isolda continued to shed tears amidst such inferiority complex and deep sense of sadness.

Meanwhile, Yuria, who was watching her from behind the door, left the place and started to move.

‘It’s much better to do something than to sit still and be ruined. Anyway, since Lady Isolda is like that, I’d rather do something myself..’

Having made that decision, Yuria began to stride towards her destination.



“Alright, with this I can see the end…”

A smile began to form on Bahamut’s lips as he contemplated the finale of this fairly long journey.

‘Anyway…this is why people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It’s a shame, she would have succeeded if it weren’t for me.’

Bahamut already knew about Leira’s identity through the knowledge of the original novel, but he really didn’t think that she would try to frame him in such a way.

Fortunately, the crisis was averted through a suitable lie, but it was clear that the situation was dangerous.

‘Still…thanks to that, I was able to more accurately grasp the conspiracies she was plotting, so it’s rather fortunate. It’s quite annoying now that strange rumors spread, but…’

Apparently, rumors were spreading within the royal castle that Bahamut and Leira were in love with each other.

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