Chapter 78: The Kingdom Project XIV (part 2)

“Exactly. I can finally understand what you’re doing.”

And so, Leira finally began to trust Bahamut.

Seeing her reaction, Bahamut put a smile on his lips and asked her in a calm voice.

“Now then, since you now understand my plan, shall we hear about your progress? Although I know the outline, I have been instructed to hear the details directly from you.”

“Hmm…alright. Since we have to work together from now on, I will tell you the details.”

Since they both had a common goal, it would be convenient to clearly know about each other’s situation. Otherwise, it could cause problems in the future.

In order to prevent such a situation, and furthermore, to receive the help of this powerful colossus, Leira began to explain what she had done so far and what she planned to do in the future.


There were times when a person couldn’t be satisfied with what they had been given.

Even though they were in a position that was enviable in the eyes of others, their current situation could feel infinitely uncomfortable and frustrating to the person concerned.

For Leira Matani, the position of a Hangurian princess seemed just like a cage.

Her father, the King, loved her dearly, and she had lived a comfortable life with no shortage of money. However, that was all she had. Despite being born into royalty, she was not given any real power.

The only person who was given power and could exercise his right as a successor was her younger brother, who has been praised as a prodigy with the qualities of a sage since childhood.

And, Princess Leira, who had always been proud of her extraordinary intelligence, regarded this situation as unfair. No matter how good a policy she came up with, the King and others didn’t listen to her at all, and dismissed it as just some ramblings of an immature girl.

From Leira’s point of view, it was all very unfair.  While the King and his ministers had shown their willingness to listen and accept even the smallest details of her younger brother’s plans, they completely ignored her opinions.

And…considering the situation, Princess Leira had a thought.

[This is happening because I am a princess.]

If she had been a prince rather than a princess, such things would not have happened.

Princess Leira had always felt that it was unfair that she was born as a woman.

Then one day, a person approached her.

It was a beautiful woman who happened to visit the Hangurian royal castle for some political matter.

The woman had silver hair and red eyes that sparkled like rubies. She was the princess of the Dragona Empire, a neighboring country and an enemy of Hangury— Elios Noshelat Dragona.

Even though she was born with the body of a woman like herself, as the princess of the empire and the successor to the Empress, she expressed her opinion with great confidence. 

While facing her, not only the Hangurian ministers, but even the King, her father, didn’t dare to act carelessly, and only showed a meekreaction.

She was personification of what Leira always wanted to become.

With that incident, Princess Elios completely captured Leira’s heart. They continued to keep in contact after that.

As Leira came to know of the news about Princess Elios’s tremendous achievements which made the entire continent tremble, the kindle in her heart transformed into a burning fire.

It was exactly what she had dreamed of.

And so, Leira began to consider Princess Elios as an ideal and admirable figure, with the

power to awe everyone. At some point, her admiration for Elios, which kept growing day by day, turned into blind affection.

Finally, a terrible thought began to grow in Princess Leira’s head…

‘Yes…I’d rather destroy everything with my own hands than continue living in a stuffy cage like this. And through that…if I can spread my wings by receiving the favor of the person I adore. How wonderful would it be if I could make a place for myself next to her…’

And so, Princess Leira had a clear goal for the first time in her life, which was full of boredom. Then she secretly mobilized people to contact the Dragona Empire.

She would help her beloved Princess Elios conquer Hangury, and in return, she wanted to stay by Elios’s side.

In response, Princess Elios personally wrote her a letter and accepted her offer.

From the moment she received that reply, Princess Leira became the White Dragon Princess’s faithful servant.

Hidden in the shadows, she received the support from the Dragona Empire, and secretly encouraged the nobles to steadily weaken their homeland. She established a connection with the Sakiel Knights so that their forces would be able to take root in the Kingdom of Hangury, and make it easy for the Dragona Empire to swallow Hangury.

However, unexpectedly the Sakiel Knights received a declaration of war from the Rose Empress.

Leira saw this as an opportunity and was preparing to end everything in one fell swoop.

She wanted to completely destroy Hangury at the hands of the Sakiel Knights and the Dragona Empire.

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