Chapter 78: The Kingdom Project XIV (part 1)

After the situation cooled down, Bahamut and Princess Leira were once again meeting by themselves.

It was a completely different atmosphere from the previous strange first meeting. Now they were calmly sipping the black tea that was placed in front of them.

And after a while, it was Princess Leira who spoke first.

“First of all, I want to apologize…I never imagined that you would be one of us too.”

“Well, it’s alright. Anybody would have misunderstood if they looked at my actions so far.”

With those words, Bahamut smiled, and Princess Leira replied with a smile as well.

Currently, Leira was feeling a sense of connection with the man before her due to them both being on the same side. Moreover, the fact that the man was Bahamut, who could be said to be the biggest variable in this incident, made her feel truly reassured.

“By the way. I want to hear how things are going on your side. How to make the Kingdom of Hangury fall, and give it to Her Majesty the Empress of the Dragona Empire.”

“…you should already know about it all.”

“Well, since I am working undercover, I am receiving only a limited amount of information. Of course, I know the rough plans. We have to weaken the power of the Kingdom of Hangury as much as possible, make them fight with the Sakiel Knights, and the Dragona Empire will swallow everything while the two forces are in tatters.”

“And as the power of the two sides weakens, the benefit to us will be great. It’s a plan where the more they lose, the more we gain. Brilliant isn’t it?”

“Yes.. that was the content of the contract between me and the White Dragon Princess. In that respect, I, who suddenly appeared and raised Hangury’s strength, would have looked like a thorn in your eyes.”

“Yes…honestly it did.”

With those words, as she drank her tea, Princess Leira looked at the man in front of her with a doubtful expression. She had never received any information about Bahamut from the middle-aged elder of the Sakiel Knights, or the White Dragon Princess, who was her master. 

Yet, Bahamut knew about the things only known to the three of them.

Their identities, and plans were all top secret, and there was no way anyone would be aware of it unless they were also connected to the White Dragon Princess.

If she had had enough time, she might have contacted the White Dragon Princess and confirmed it, but the current situation was complicated and time was quickly running out. It would be quite dangerous to contact the princess of the Dragona Empire at this point of time.

Therefore, while looking at the person who had evidence that proved him as an ally, Leira asked the man a question in order to confirm his identity and plan her future actions more clearly.

“I have to ask…why did you help Hangury restore the Black Army? Even if it was left as it is, Hangury would have definitely fallen under the feet of the Dragona Empire…so why?”


Bahamut let out a small sigh at Princess Leira’s inquiry.

The strange response further amplified Princess Leira’s doubts, and then Bahamut looked at her and spoke in a serious voice.

“It seems that the White Dragon Princess evaluates the Hangurian princess quite generously, but… to me, it doesn’t seem like that at all…”

“..what do you mean?”

Princess Leira slightly frowned at Bahamut’s strangely scathing remark.

Looking at her, Bahamut took a sip of tea and continued, “Certainly, as the Princess said, the power of the Kingdom of Hangury was greatly weakened, but even so, the potential that lies dormant within it should never be taken lightly. Even though I only gave it a little bit support, it was able to recover so much due to that potential.”


Certainly, even with Bahamut’s support, Princess Leira could never have imagined that the Black Legion would be able to rebuild itself in such a short time.

Seeing her agree to that point, Bahamut continued talking.

“The most terrifying variable in warfare is the unknown. I have now united them under the name of the Black Legion’s revival, and we now know their strength. In the future, they will be able to shave off the Sakiel Knight’s force even more as well.”


At Bahamut’s words, Princess Leira showed a puzzled expression, and Bahamut continued to speak.

“Humans are creatures who will continue to struggle even if there is a slight bit of hope. The people of Hangury are bound to hold on to their hope until the end. All we need is an overwhelming force to obliterate them completely. Of course, I have made sufficient preparations with the personnel I have planted in the Black Legion.”

To put it simply, Bahamut had gathered all the annoying people who could become an obstacle under the plausible cause of the Black Legion and wanted to eliminate them entirely.

Understanding Bahamut’s meaning, Leira nodded in agreement with his words.

“I see…in other words, your true purpose is to make them feel despair…by erasing the Black Legion, which is considered invincible, you will destroy the will of the people of Hangury.”

“That’s right. The related matters have already been reported to the White Dragon Princess, so she must be preparing already. It also doesn’t clash with the current plan.”

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