Chapter 35: Disciplining the Nun IX (part 2)

Klang! Klang! Klang!

The loud sound of pickaxes hitting stones filled the tunnel.

Thousands of people were busy hauling rocks and rubble, and a few were working on raising and fixing collapsed supports.

Linda Hall, the person who was overseeing the situation in the mine, had a gloomy expression on her face.

‘This is worrying… this job… will we be able to do it well?’

All the damages caused by the Benden Merchant Company before they left was being sorted out.

It was taking them very a long time, but it wasn’t something that couldn’t be done with human capabilities, and in a little while, they would be able to clear all the rubbles and start working in earnest.

However, the problem started from there.

‘How deep do we have to dig to find gold?’

Although she had heard from Lord Easter that he had seen the gold ore, Linda thought that it wouldn’t be wise to make hasty conclusions about such an important matter.

Unlike Jake, who treated Lord Easter like an uncle and trusted him to some extent, Linda honestly didn’t trust Lord Easter very much.

‘That person is bit immature… I can’t just trust him carelessly due to his simple personality and a temperament that is prone to be easily deceived. Until I see it with my own eyes, I have to keep all possibilities open…’

Since Lord Ester was an old man with a lot of flaws, there was a possibility that there could be a gap in the report.

With that thought in mind, Linda calmly observed the situation with utmost caution.

However, she also honestly thought that this place should be a gold mine, and that was why she had allowed the work to develop this far.

If she hadn’t been that confident, she wouldn’t have started working in the first place.

But even so, she was not entirely optimistic about the situation.

‘Maybe the information is wrong.’

Linda became even more cautious since she had already mortgaged an iron mine.

The iron mine was the source of all her wealth and it could provide the necessary funds for recovery in the event of an emergency, so she needed to save it until the last moment.

Just when she was thinking about giving up.

“Sister! Sister Linda!”

She heard an urgent voice

In response, Linda also asked in a slightly urgent voice, feeling both doubt and anticipation at the same time.

“Muh… what are you doing? Stand… ah, no way! Is that…”

“Yes! That’s right! It’s gold! I found gold in there!”


At those words, the doubts Linda was feeling just a moment ago were blown away, and she hurriedly started running towards the place where the miner claimed he found the gold.

“Oh oh… ”

“It really was…”

“Is this gold ore… the color seems just right!”

All the people looked a the glistening mineral before their eyes

It was half-embedded in the floor, which the workers carefully scooped out, and then they showed it to Linda.

“That’s right… this is… gold!”

There was indeed something golden mixed with the iron, copper, and soil.

As she had been studying and actually working on the mining industry for a long time, Linda could be sure that this was gold.


“I see… this place is really a gold mine right?”

“Good! Now that almost all the rubble have been removed. Let’s move hard and dig for gold!”

The workers burned with enthusiasm at the good news.

Looking at them, a similarly motivated smile began to form on Linda’s lips.

‘Okay, there’s no doubt about this anymore. This is a gold mine. It’s a treasure trove where we can get rich quick!’

Linda got rid of the last remaining doubts and at the same time, her heart began to be gripped by growing expectations.

A happy future with Jake was already beginning to flicker before her eyes.

“Then let’s start working right away. If there is anything lacking, feel free to tell us!”

“Yes! All right!”

At Linda’s words, the miners immediately started digging with their pickaxes,

After that, several more gold ores similar to the one just before were found in various places in the mine, and each time Linda’s expectations began to inflate more and more.

Woefully unaware of the horrors that await her at the end.

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  1. It always astonish me how these narcissistic characters are able to think they are the only ones deserving of a happy ending.

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