Chapter 36: Disciplining the Nun X (part 1)

There was a certain common practice in the stock market.

It was an act of selling the stocks to prevent future losses in a situation where there were signs of incurring losses in the stock market. It was something that seemed quite foolish at first glance, but it could prove to be quite beneficial in the long run. 

And, the person willing to do it had to have a great amount of courage and will. One had to suppress their burning desire to earn more and at the same time, take the risk of incurring even bigger losses.

Isolda could understand the reason behind such an act.

And, fortunately for her, the woman in front of her didn’t have the willpower to do such a thing, and she didn’t have the courage to risk failure.


“That… that’s right. I’m really sorry…”


The work that began at the beginning of summer continued to this day, when the end of summer was in sight.

The duration, which could be called neither long nor short, felt like light walk in the park to Isolda, as she had been doing it every morning.

On the other hand, from Linda’s point of view, it was like a long marathon in which she had vomited blood and broken bones.

“This is already the 4th time, and no matter how much it is a business transaction with collateral, at this point, I want to know the reason. What are you spending all that money on?”

“That… I am… buying food for the… miners…”

“If you had bought and fed food with that much money, I think everyone would have died of a stomach rupture by now. Am I wrong?”


Linda didn’t say anything at Isolda’s words.

Of course, the money she borrowed had nothing to do with buying food for the miners of the iron mines. She had poured all the money she borrowed from the Beden Merchant Company into the gold mine.

In the past, the small amount of gold ore and nuggets found while cleaning the wreckage had convinced her that the place was a gold mine, but for some reason, after the initial find, they found nothing more.

If nothing was found after that, Linda might have become suspicious that the Beden Merchant Company had mistaken, and they would’ve stopped.

However, the small amount of gold nuggets they found later further fueled her and Jake’s desire and gave them a very strong conviction to continue.

The place was really a gold mine!

If they mined a little more, they could make a big benefit!

And so, they poured more manpower and funds with great hope. 

However, what they found until now was only despair.

The traces of gold that they had first discovered, soon disappeared, and what came out after that was nothing but hard stones— neither gold nor silver.

However, they couldn’t stop.

It was because the losses they had suffered so far was enormous.

‘At least something has to come out in order to make up for the losses. It would be okay if it’s not gold. Even silver or copper… or at least some iron ore.’

In the process of digging down the ground like that, their debt naturally grew like a snowball, and the number of iron mines that were taken as collateral was increasing more and more.

But even in such a situation, Linda couldn’t give up.

If she gave up, she would lose about 50% of the mines she owned.

And if that happened, the rosy future she had dreamed of would disappear into smoke.

‘No… not yet! It’s still alright…. I can hold on. If only we could find some more nuggets of gold down there! But.. is that really possible? No… did that gold really exist in the first place?’

For a moment, Linda felt that if she just stepped back from this point, she would still have the resources to recover.

Yes, she had suffered some losses, but her foundation was still strong.

She could achieve her goal if she continued to work for another 20 years…no, 15 years, while steadily operating the remaining iron mine, and if there were variables in between, the time period would be further extended.

But Linda was finding it difficult to choose that path.

Because it would be very dull.

A life of saving every penny while wearing the mask of a nun would be a dull way to live.

In the meantime, other people would be moving on, uniting with the person they liked and sharing their love to their heart’s content.

‘But… we can be together… it will take time to formally unite, but I can live together with Jake as I am now…’

Although not complete, but the present happiness was also precious to Linda.

Their precious future full of happiness, which would be built upon the blood and tears of countless people.

For their future, it was a necessary sacrifice.

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