Chapter 36: Disciplining the Nun X (part 2)

So, Linda Halls slowly opened her mouth while reigning in her desires, albeit a bit unwillingly.

“All right. If that’s the case, we’ll stop now.”


Right at that moment.

As Linda was about to announce her intention to give up on the loan, an urgent voice reached her ears.

“Si…sister! Sister Linda!”


The next moment, one of Jake’s aides hurriedly opened the door and entered the room. Then he whispered something into Linda’s ear, and at the same time Linda’s face began to light up.


“I will surrender all management rights to the remaining iron mines. Please lend me the money right away!”


Sister Linda shouted in a completely different, hopeful voice as she laid out all the documents she had prepared beforehand.

Seeing that, Isolda slightly frowned, but didn’t express any more emotions, as she silently signed the loan agreement.


“What? Is that…is that true?”

“Yes! Please rejoice, My Lord! They are saying that the nuggets are finally starting to come out.”

Seeing Jake, the lord, smile for the first time in a long time, the aides also talked with joy.

The good news finally came after nearly three months of desperate struggle!

It was the news that gold was finally starting to come out of the gold mine they were developing.

“I’m glad, I’m really glad. Now I’m relieved. Everyone has been through a lot during this time.”

Jake felt a deep sense of relief at the fact that he had been saved from a situation where he had reached the threshold of the underworld, and others began to sincerely congratulate him.

“We did very little. All of this is thanks to the lord!”

“That’s right. If it wasn’t for the lord’s will, I would have given up a long time ago. We really appreciate it, lord!”

To be honest, considering the amount of funds taken away for the gold mine development, these people were already in a condition to express their dissatisfaction, and that was the reason why they had gathered today.

However, recognizing that their hardships were over, the people put those emotions aside and expressed pure joy.

At that time, in the midst of such a scene of joy, an aide cautiously opened his mouth.

“Um… but, My Lord… actually, there is one important problem.”

“Is there a problem? What the hell is it?”

A smile still lingered on Jake’s face as he thought of his bright future filled with riches.

“That’s it… as you may know, our mine development fund ran out quite a while ago. And now, we are in a situation where we have already mortgaged most of the land and other things to the Beden Merchant Company, this is…”

“It’s okay, don’t worry. As we have discussed, Linda will mortgage all the remaining mines as well. If we can get the last transfusion of funds from there, everything will be alright.”

“That is… yes, but…”

Nevertheless, the fact that all of their lifelines were hanging in the hands of the Beden Merchant Company made the aides feel uneasy.

However, Jake was not at all concerned about that.

Now that the gold mine development was a success, all that was left was to extract the gold and make money.

Once that happened, not only will they be able to pay off all their debts in an instant, but they will also be able to obtain the brilliant future they had been dreaming of so far.

‘Now I have nothing to fear. I can live happily with Linda and riches without any worries!’

Suddenly, Jake wanted to see Linda’s face even more.

He wanted to share his joy with the woman he had loved since childhood.

With that thought in mind, Jake got up to meet Linda, who should have arrived by now.



“What! What is it?”

“What! Who are you people?”

A group of people suddenly burst into the room.

Dressed as adventurers, they quickly aimed their weapons and subdued all the aides.

“You guys! How dare you do this? Do you realize where you are! You won’t get away with this!”

“Oh we can, Lord Jake.”

The next moment, a calm female voice reached Jake’s ears.

Then, through the open door, a woman slowly walked in.

It was a woman with red hair, red eyes, and a frosty face.

It was none other than, Isolda Evergarden.

In her hand was a piece of paper with a clear seal on it.

“This is the order of the Archbishop of Phoenix. According to this, we, the Beden Merchant Company, have the jurisdiction to apprehend Lord Jake Lugas and Linda Halls, who impersonated a nun and stole the title of parishioner.”

“What! Why, how did you…”

The woman brought up an unexpected information.

And due to that, Jake’s face, which had been filled with hope and joy until just a moment ago, began to turn cold.

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