Chapter 37: Disciplining the Nun XI (part 1)

A magnificent building.

The building had a gigantic dome, glistening with white marble and hundreds of meters in diameter. As for the pillars that were supporting it, there were incomparably delicate decorations and sculptures engraved on them.

Looking at that majestic and wonderful work of architecture that seemed to contain the very essence of human culture, Ophelia Crimsons couldn’t believe that she was about to enter it.

She couldn’t hold herself back from expressing her admiration, “This is… really great. How was it possible for humans to build such a magnificent building?”

Ophelia looked at the scene in front of her with sparkling eyes.

To her, who had been an insignificant adventurer in a small corner of the country, a scene like this was deeply shocking and moving.

And, in a way, this was also quite shocking for Bahamut, who was a job seeker living in a tiny apartment room in his previous life. So his amazement was no less than Ophelia.

“Honestly, I think so too…even though I’ve been to quite a few such places so far…”

The huge building was entirely made of marble. Each of its pillars were so thick that people wouldn’t be able to hold it, and their height was quite astonishing as well.

At the moment, Bahamut was feeling the greatness of human civilization anew in that they had created such a building without any help of modern equipment.

‘No matter how advanced their magic is, this really deserves admiration. Indeed… the Holy Church. The power that has dominated the continent for over a thousand years has never been just for show.’

The place where Bahamut and Ophelia were now standing was the center of the peninsula located south of Schwyz.

It was the capital of an old ancient empire. It was a place that could be said to be the heart of the church that was rooted throughout the continent.

However, Bahamut wasn’t simply visiting this place for sightseeing.

“Now…then, let’s stop admiring it, shall we get going? There is no need to be in too much of a hurry, but we do need to be a bit diligent to make it on time.”

“Yes, I understand, My Lord.”

After nodding at Bahamut’s words, Ophelia looked at the great structure one last time, before she followed behind him.

And after a while, they arrived at a small annex located on the outskirts of the Holy Church.

There stood a priest with a slightly uneasy expression on his face.

“Welcome, Mr. Bahamut, I have been waiting for you. My name is Archbishop Phoenix Erahim.”

“Yes, I am very honored to have you receive me in such a way. So, please tell me the details right away.”

“Ah…no, that is not something we can talk about here. Let us go inside first.” The Archbishop, who was visibly taken aback by Bahamut’s words, invited them to come inside.

Watching his expression, Bahamut felt that the situation was getting quite a bit amusing and he asked him while pretending to be surprised.

“Ah! To think we would be allowed in…the matter seems to be quite serious.”

With those words, Bahamut entered the building with Ophelia.

No matter how famous Bahamut was as a merchant, this place was the headquarter of the Holy Church, which boasted great authority over the continent. So the fact that they were responding in such a way was quite surprising. Even from Bahamut’s point of view, it was quite unusual.

‘Honestly, I didn’t expect this much… there was a high possibility that they would just ignore the matter and move on, but I didn’t expect them to invite us directly inside like this.’

With that thought in mind, Bahamut entered the neatly arranged room, sat down on a chair, and explained the situation to the Archbishop once again in a calm voice.


The beginning of the story started in a very trivial place.

As a part of his plan to secure more personal connections after coming to this world, Bahamut had been regularly sending bribes in the guise of donating money to the Holy Church, which was one of the major holders of continental power.

As a result, within the Holy Church, the attention and interest towards Bahamut’s ‘dedication’ were growing at a steady pace, and naturally, his name also became well-known to some extent among the various bishops.

About a month ago.

As always, the bishops, who were checking the huge amount of donations from the merchant Bahamut, found a small letter that was enclosed with the donations.

“Huh? What is this?”

“It looks like some kind of letter… I think Mr. Bahamut sent it with the donations…”

Until now, Bahamut had been silently expressing his great sincerity without asking anything in return. So the fact that he had sent a letter for the first time naturally attracted the attention of the bishops, and they began to check the contents of the letter with great interest.

“Ohhh… such a great story…”

“What are you talking about?”

“Here, you can see for yourself. I’ve heard of many things in my time, but it’s been a long time since I’ve heard of a story that warms my heart.”

The second bishop was also intrigued and he also looked at the contents of the letter.

The letter told a story about a selfless young parish nun living in a remote rural village.

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