Chapter 17: Lumentium VI (part 2)

“…no matter how much I think about it, it seems impossible.”

In fact, it was just a theory, with no concrete proof to speak of. If you had a even an ounce of brain in your head, you could draw that conclusion right away.

“As the Princess said, I have no talent. Even if I learn a top rank sword technique, it’s obvious that I won’t be able to master it properly. Would it be possible for me to learn such a sword technique since I couldn’t even properly learn the secret sword technique of House Estel in the first place?”

When I spoke in a slightly sarcastic tone, the Princess smiled bitterly at me.

“If it was the usual, what you said would be the truth. However, the sword technique I will teach you from now on is a sword technique where such common sense does not apply. Even if you learn just one of the forms of this sword technique properly, I assure you that you will be stronger than you are now.”

“…is that really possible? Are you saying that there is such a great sword technique in the world?”

Was there such a fraudulent sword technique in the world that would make the user stronger just by learning it?

“I will explain in detail later. The name of the sword technique I will teach you is ‘Flowing Star’. It is a top ranked sword technique passed down only to the direct descendents of the imperial family, and taught only

by me in the empire.”

‘Passed down only to the direct descendant of the Imperial Family?’ 

I didn’t know why, but those words seemed extremely ominous to me.

“If it’s only passed down to the direct line of the imperial family, then why are you teaching it to me?”

“Of course, it is not normally possible. However, I am quite flexible. It’s an emergency right now, so it can’t be helped, right?”

Saying that, the Princess smiled refreshingly at me.

“Ah, by the way, don’t use this sword technique in front of other people. It is said that if someone outside the imperial family is discovered to have mastered this sword technique, that person’s limbs will be cut off and their tongue will be pulled out. Wouldn’t it be terrible if that happened to you?”


‘Then why are you teaching me such sword technique!? Could it be that this woman actually hated me very much?’

I roared in my head. Moreover, I had a strange premonition that if I learned the sword technique, it would come to bite me on the ass in the future.

“In addition! Your posture is breaking!”




[The Present]

“Lucian von Tournigen, I have something to ask you before engaging in a duel.”

“…what is it? Cain von Estel?”

Lucian answered me with a very condescending attitude, as if he was already convinced of his victory even before the duel started.

“Well, it’s nothing much. I just ask you if I can use something other than a sword in this duel. For example, my fist or my foot. My sword technique is a rather peculiar, so I cannot display it in public.”

“Hmm, I heard that the sword technique of House Estel is a paltry sword technique. Pathetic.”

Saying that, Lucian put a fishy smile on that unfortunate face and spoke to me with a confident expression.

“Alright. I accept. In this duel, I won’t mind if you fight like a barbarian. You may use whatever you can. For me, it is all the same.”

Lucian looked me up and down and said that in a confident voice. 

‘Ba*tard, do you know that you just dug the grave you will enter with your own hands?’

“Then, go ahead.”

With a smirk, I raised my heel slightly and kicked the ground. 

I was quite active despite being a noble, so my physical condition was quite good. Of course, my body was not comparable to what it was before the regression, but even the current condition of my body would be more than enough to beat that young master’s confident face into a pulp.

“Here I go! Lucian von Tournigen!”

“Hooh! I’ll let you have the first shot, Cain von Estel!”

Lucian spoke to me in a truly arrogant voice, and continued to underestimate me.

Unfortunately, his arrogant attitude didn’t last long.



He was soon humbled, as my fist made contact with his jaw.

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