Chapter 26: Infinite Dungeon (part 2)

Credits held a value similar to yen in real world money outside the game.

So, if you converted 10 million credits to won, it meant about 100 million… (G: Yen = JP currency, Won = KN currency.)

‘Isn’t that insane?’

From Ian’s perspective, who still lived on a cost of 0 credits until now, it sounded like a dream.

“They would give us that much?”

“Well, if you were a noble, that amount of money is not really a lot…no?”


“Well, maybe that’s enough?”

Stella blushed, in fact, she didn’t even know how much money 10 million credits was because she didn’t have to earn a single credit herself until now. Her father made hundreds of millions to billions every time he went to the battlefield.

“Anyway, didn’t you mention anything else besides money?”

“The principal would reward us personally.”

“With what?”

“A dinner.”

“A dinner?”

Hearing those words, Stella’s expression hardened.

Did the old vir*gin principal make a move on a cadet without even considering her age?

And, Ian accepted it just like that?

“The principal…did she really say that?”

“Yes. They said that if it’s okay for a meal, I’ll eat it anytime.”

“If one meal is ok…? It sounds like you suggested it first.”

“Yes, I suggested it first.”

It was then that Stella realized the truth of the incident and fell into silence. Incontinence began to creep into the girl’s heart. But she couldn’t openly express it. She just smiled softly and spoke.

“Then I will do that too.”


“I want to go to the principal’s dinner with you too.”

“Is that okay?”

“Of course.”

Ian did not understand why Stella was reacting like this, but he couldn’t find any reason to refuse if she wanted to come, so he agreed.

“Well then, we will be departing this weekend. So clear up your schedule.”

“You aren’t going to attend that dinner without me right?”

“I haven’t even made an appointment for that yet!”

Ian said that and left the dormitory. 

After seeing Ian off, Nelia immediately returned to Stella’s side and looked at her empty glass and talked.

“Young Lady, do you want to have another drink?”

“…I’m done.”

“Young Master Ian, he really doesn’t know the heart of a woman.”

“Noisy. Don’t say anything weird to Ian.”

“Is that weird? What are you talking about?”

As she said that, Nelia covered her lips and burst into laughter.

Stella’s face turned hot, she ran to her room and jumped into the bed.

For some reason, she couldn’t stand the teasing.

* * *

[Ian’s POV]

After parting with Stella, I went to see Noah and Syrah.

Fortunately, neither of them turned down my invitation.

Noah blindly accepted without hearing anything just because it was my suggestion, and Syrah showed great interest in an interesting place called the underground dungeon.

So the party of four was completed, and I submitted the members to the principal.

“Hmm, I see no problem with this.”

Seeing the team made up of only three-star summoners, the principal nodded and immediately accepted it.

And finally, it was the weekend, the day we would enter the dungeon.

“You are in academy uniform today as well.”

“…and, what’s with your outfit?”


I glanced up and down Stella’s outfit.

A light blue dress that reached her knees, and a cardigan over her shoulders.

It looked like she was going on a picnic, not a dungeon. However, she crossed her arms and started to make excuses.

“Because aristocrats have to be dignified everywhere!”

“No one will be there to see it.”

“The other cadets will be watching!”

Fortunately, Stella was the only one who was dressed like that.

Noah came wearing the gym uniforms provided by the academy, and Syrah arrived in casual clothes that would be easy to work with.

The two looked at Stella’s outfit and stiffened slightly, but didn’t point out her outfit.

“Have you all arrived?”

When I took the three of them to the place we had promised in advance, the principal who was waiting at the entrance appeared. The principal stopped when she saw Stella’s outfit, but didn’t seem interested enough to pay special attention to the cadets’ outfits.

She just started talking to everyone.

“Everyone knows what you are here for today, right?”


“Good, you should also know this…no matter what happens inside that place, we won’t be able to help you from outside. If your life is in danger, just give up and run away. Got it?”

When the principal said that, the cadets nodded their heads with firm expressions. I knew exactly what was waiting for us inside, so I only had a slightly hardened the expression on my face.

“Then, please.”

As soon as those words were finished, we entered the huge cave.

The moment we took one step, the air around us completely changed and enveloped us.





“Blue Bird!”



[—Master, did you call?]

And we summoned our summons, the moment we entered the dungeon.

That was proof that there was going to be a battle soon, and monsters actually started appearing in front of us right from the start.

[Kreee! Kreee!]

Beyond the invisible darkness, more than a dozen eyes flashed.

As the sound of the screams reached our ears, we realized that the thing on the other side was…a rat.

“A rat?”

Stella realized this and told the Salamander to spit fire.

Upon hearing the command, the Salamander spewed out flames that lit up the surroundings, revealing dozens of giant rats hiding in the darkness.


When Stella saw a rat so huge that it could even be comparable to a human in sized, she let out a light scream like a girl who saw something disgusting, and immediately ordered the Salamander to burn everything.

The Salamander radiated flames, and the flames that would melt even steel incinerated dozens of giant rats in an instant.

“That’s it, isn’t it?”

Seeing the giant rat turn into ash in an instant, Stella sighed in relief.

And at the same time, I was busy checking Anna’s status window.

‘It’s really happening…’

The [Infinite Dungeon].

In fact, it was a dungeon where you could get infinite experience.

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