Chapter 37: Disciplining the Nun XI (part 2)

It was a story of a devoted head nun of a parish, who, despite her territory’s difficult circumstances, helped the wandering homeless farmers and developed an iron mine with them.

The clergy nodded their heads silently as they read the touching story of the nun taking care of her people. How she was living by herself in a difficult situation where countless people were being injured and many were dying every day.

“I see… although the world is in chaos, but it doesn’t seem to be completely corrupted yet.”

“As a priest, I think this is what we should aspire to be. From that point of view, it’s a little sad. Such a wonderful saintess is in such a perilous situation.”

“The number of injured is increasing, and the price of iron ore is dropping little by little.”

“If you think about it, isn’t that why Mr. Bahamut sent so much money? He wishes for us to help those in need like this.”

After unintentionally taking time for self-reflection, the clergy made a decision in their hearts.

“I can’t just look at this and ignore it!”

“I agree with you, let the other bishops know about this. I’m sure we can get some help.”

The bishops quickly took action as they burned with chivalrous spirit.

Due to that, the story about the parish quickly spread inside the Holy Church and finally reached the ears of the Holy Pope.

“Huh… there is such a person?”

“Yes, it is, His Holiness.”

“It’s really wonderful. What is the name of the saintess who shows such noble devotion?”

“Yes, her name is Sister Linda Halls, Vicar of Lugano.”

“Linda Halls. That’s a name I’ve never heard of. In any case, such a devoted servant of the Lord must be rewarded accordingly. Raise her status and send her a certain amount of money. It will be of some help.”

“All right. I will gladly, His Holiness.”

And so, the Holy Church decided to help Sister Linda by the order of the Holy Pope.

However, that caused an unexpected problem.


“What do you mean?”

“No matter how much I look for it, I can’t find it. There is a record of a nun named Linda Halls…”

“How can that be? A nun of the parish priest’s rank should have a record.”

“It should be…but look here, there’s nothing at all. And we even a detailed record of the former parish priest…”

“Um… ”

“Hmmm, it might be possible that the nun named Linda Halls isn’t even a real nun in the first place. What the heck is this…”

“Eh… no way…”

The bishops who discovered the issue began a detailed investigation, and as a result, they discovered a surprising and embarrassing fact.

That the nun whose name went up to the ears of the Holy Pope was actually a fake! She wasn’t a nun at all.

When the fact was discovered, of course, the bishops who were involved in this incident were upset.

“Uh…what should we do?”

“It’s a huge problem… the fact that we only found this out now. What’s more, if some rumor about this spreads, we will face the Holy Pope’s wrath, and the authority of the church may fall to the ground!”

“But there is no way you can raise the status of a person who is not even a nun and give her the money.”

“Haa…the Emperor of the Holy Empire is insisting on abolishing the parish system, and to think something like this would happen now…”

Therefore, the bishops couldn’t ignore the matter and didn’t dare to carelessly cover it up.

Even if they forcefully carried out the Holy Pope’s order, they would face a plethora of obstacles.

Furthermore, if the matter wasn’t resolved immediately, the Emperor of the Holy Empire could use it as an excuse in the future.

In such a situation, the bishops had no choice but to make a drastic decision.


“So, is this why I have to deal with those swindlers?”

“Yes, please, please do so.”

“Haa… this is quite…”

As Bahamut looked troubled, the Archbishop spoke once more in an earnest voice.

“Please. Although we can quietly solve the problem, the current situation doesn’t allow us to do so. It is impossible for us to clean up that woman without making noise.”

In order to quietly solve the problem in secret, the parties who already knew the fact had to act directly.

In such a situation, the only person the bishops could ask for help was Bahamut, who could be said to be the initiator of the situation.

While listening to the Archbishop’s earnest request, Bahamut suppressed the smile that was about to rise on his lips and answered in a calm voice.

“All right. Since the servants of the Lord is asking, I have no choice but to take action myself.”

“Ah… thank you. Thank you very much, Mr. Bahamut.”

The Archbishop showed a visibly relieved look.

Looking at him, Bahamut still remained calm, and at the same time, he spoke with a serious tone.

“However, I have one condition in exchange for solving this problem…would you agree?”

“Muh… what is that?”

At that, the Archbishop showed some anxiety and, looking at him, Bahamut began to tell him the real purpose of his visit.

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