Chapter 38: Disciplining the Nun XII (part 1)

Bahamut’s condition was simple.

When the job was over, he wanted to claim the ownership of the Lugano area for himself.

From the point of view of cleaning up the trash, it meant that he wanted to receive that much as a cost of labor.

“How about it? If you don’t like the conditions…”

“Ah… no! Not at all. I’ll let Mr. Bahamut handle it the way he wants, so please finish this job well.”

At Bahamut’s words, the Archbishop asked for the matter to be dealt with even more strongly. 

Getting what he wanted, Bahamut put a warm smile on his lips and said to the Archbishop, “Yes, of course. No matter how I look, I am also a believer. It is unacceptable to let them stain the illustrious name of the Holy Church any futther. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it without even alarming any mice or birds.”

“Thank you. Thank you very much.”

As the matter ended in his favor, Bahamut began to look back on the current situation, which was getting more and more interesting.

‘Indeed.. the destructive power of a good story is greater than one can imagine…especially if it is reversed.’

The story of the true identity of Linda Halls. 

Of course, only Bahamut was aware of her numerous acts of atrocity.

However, if Bahamut had simply reported the matter to the Holy Church in the form of an accusation, things would not have worked out so smoothly.

As it was a matter of big embarrassment for the Holy Church, there was a high possibility that a small number of people would try to quietly cover it up on their own.

In addition, if the situation went badly, there was even a possibility that Bahamut, who knew about the matter, would fall under pressure to keep his mouth shut.

However, Bahamut made an ingenious move. 

He made them find out the secret by themselves by delivering it in the form of a touching story of a selfless nun.

And, the matter would eventually reach to the ears of the Holy Pope, and they would end up uncovering the secret on their own. 

Once the matter reached such a scale, it would be absolutely impossible for them to cover it up, and they would have to find a way to deal with the matter in secret.

Conveniently, Bahamut, who was the source of the incident and also had the power to solve the matter. So it would be a better choice to just have him solve the incident, rather than forcing him to keep his mouth shut.

‘Even so, I really didn’t expect it to go this well. Is it because he’s a religious person that he is not adept at this kind of negotiation?’

Therefore, feeling satisfied with the chain of events, Bahamut ordered his subordinates to proceed as requested by the Archbishop.

He instructed Isolda to arrest the Lord Jake and Linda with a letter written by the Archbishop.


“Hey! How can you do this? I’m the parishioner here! How dare you show such disrespect..”


Isolda let out a small sigh as she looked at Linda, who had been thrown into prison.

Looking at the woman who was clearly in denial and shouting even in the situation where she had lost everything and was a captive, reminded her of herself in the past.

However, even so, Isolda had no intention of sympathizing with the woman in front of her.

‘It’s possible to use other people for your own success because it’s convenient and efficient. If you don’t care about other people’s suffering or if you don’t know anything about it, it’s an easy path to take.’

However, even for Isolda, who did it without hesitation, the woman named Linda Halls was disgustingly terrible.

Even the fact that they were breathing the same air made her feel uncomfortable.

Feeling repulsed, Isolda left the place while ignoring Linda, who continued to scream.


“Good work! I knew that you’d be able to handle the work perfectly.”

“It’s nothing. Rather, you are more amazing for allowing me to finish it neatly like this.”

Seeing Bahamut who had his usual affable expression on his face, Isolda gave a sneaky compliment.

“Honestly, I was a little surprised, to think that they would call you directly to the Holy Church, not somewhere else…”

“Well, to tell you the truth, I didn’t expect this much either. I thought that there would be a result, so I simply threw the rice on the ground, and I was lucky that it went quite well.”

“You are being too humble…”

Facing Isolda’s admiring gaze, Bahamut simply told her the truth, but no matter how much he tried, Isolda didn’t believe it.

‘Somehow, it seems like her evaluation of me is getting a little too high… well, does it really matter?’

He had planned the matter with the information he knew from the novel and with a little bit of luck, he succeeded in capturing his target.

That was the limit of the so-called ‘ability’ of the man called Bahamut. However he didn’t face any major issues in achieving his desired goal with that limited ability.

‘But no matter how much success I get, there are limits…simply knowing the future is not omnipotence.’

Knowing that your ship would be sinking the next day didn’t really help while you’re in the middle of the sea.

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  1. I feel it shoulda been simple to make fake records of being a nun her whole life for linda. Though ig she didn’t care simply because theres no way the church empire would actually actively check her background

  2. I feel he is lowering himself too much. Even if he knows the future, it is not use to use the information effectively. All that said, he should start making an intelligence department on his company.

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