Chapter 35: Disciplining the Nun IX (part 1)

Bahamut slowly stretched out his hand towards Ophelia, who was standing in front of him, and unbuttoned the buttons of her clothes one by one.

He was already very familiar with the figure contained beyond the clothes very well, but nevertheless, it was something that gave him a new feeling every time.

“Ahh… ”

Ophelia let out a soft sight and stared at her lover with a warm loving gaze.

Feeling the warmth coming from her breath, Bahamut showed a gentle smile.

‘But still…compared to Bertina or Isolda, her chest size is a bit… lacking.’

In fact, it would be quite rude on his part to compare the two. However, it wouldn’t matter as long as it was all in Bahamut’s head.

Bertina’s huge milkers were good, but Ophelia’s small ones also had their own charm.

Although they didn’t fill his palms, they were extremely well developed, their elasticity outclassed the other two by a mile.

Bahamut could tell that even though he wasn’t using much strength, Ophelia’s twin mounds were slowly pushing away his palm with a bouncy feeling.

‘It feels as if they’re alive… they are soft… but it feels like they are wriggling on their own…’

Having enjoyed enough, he slowly released Ophelia’s mounds, then grabbed her waist, and brought her closer to him.



“Haaang… ”


Bahamut moved his tongue and entered Ophelia’s lower mouth.

Ophelia’s canal was wet and warm… and he tasted the sweet nectar with his tongue.

‘People who exercise are really different.’

Ophelia’s figure was quite thin but she had strong supple muscles.

Every time he caressed her body, he felt like he was touching a work of art.


And, Ophelia quivered with a cute voice.

Recognizing what that meant, a smile began to form on Bahamut’s lips.

“It’s just the beginning… are you this excited already?”

“That…that’s… My Lord… you are so good…”

“Hoooh… shouldn’t you be accustomed to things like this?”

Ophelia showed a slightly embarrassed expression and answered, “Ahhng… My Lord is the only one who can excite me like this…”

Bahamut chuckled in response to her cute reply.

“Hehe… that makes me feel a lot better. Because Ophelia, you will always be my number one.”

“That… that’s…”

At Bahamut’s words, Ophelia covered her face with her hands, her face blushing to the point where it couldn’t turn more red. Then she said with a raspy voice,

“That’s right… this Ophelia… belongs to only… My Lord…”

It was something he had heard quite a lot, but today her voice gave him a very different feeling.

As a result, Baramut felt his heart skip a beat, which was quite rare in such situations.

‘Wow…she’s really cute…my heart skipped a beat without realizing it… ’

It wasn’t a blazing excitement filled with raw car*nal desire, instead, it was an emotion that filled his heart with strong feelings of affection.

And feeling that emotion, Bahamut took Ophelia’s lips and gave her a deep kiss.

‘She’s the first woman in this world who truly loved me… I think that number has increased a bit now. Still, I think Ophelia is a little different.’

Ophelia was the first woman who had completely opened her heart and gave him pure affection. She was also the one with whom he had been with for a longer time than anyone else.

Although keeping her as an escort would be sometimes troublesome, but Bahamut personally didn’t mind it that much. Because whenever he turned his head, he would find the woman he loved always standing behind him.

Of course, it wasn’t without its inconveniences, and it was necessary to care about personal privacy.

However, as he continued to experience their time together, eating together, and laughing together wherever he went, Bahamut felt that the woman he seemed to hold the most affection for was Ophelia.

‘But… no matter how much I love her, it’s not a good thing to be too biased. I have to pay attention to Isolda and Bertina as well. I have to plan for the future…’

Feeling a little sorry for that, Bahamut slowly took Ophelia to the bed.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 35: Disciplining the Nun IX (part 1)”

  1. I think Ophelia is the only that loves him no both emotionally and physically? The other two just love the sxex and no emotional love.(though i could be wrong because they both seem to now like his skills at getting what he wants)

    1. I would say he is a collector of psycho girlfriends. The other girls are smart but weak, while ophelia has the potential to become a walking nuke in the future. This makes obvious who he should love more since she will hold his life in her hands at some point.

  2. Ophelia sees him as her prince charming who saved her from a life of living under the constant threat of death and occasional forced prostitution. (keep in mind, she likely had no interest in screwing any of the merchants or lesser nobles who forced themselves on her. She would have agreed likely because of the threat of losing her job or being assassinated by other adventurers after offending the powerful individuals.
    VS. The 2 business ladies who were coerced into being his women from the beginning, who see him as a smart and capable business man who they then developed some feelings for due to his abilities and position.
    If he lost the company, they would immediately turn on him, while Ophelia would stick by his side.

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