Chapter 34: Disciplining the Nun VIII (part 2)

However, far from being emotional, this woman was openly showing an indifferent attitude, as if she had no interest in Linda’s story at all!

Linda was able to read even the smallest changes in people’s emotions, so Isolda’s cold expressionless face seemed deeply unsettling to her.

Therefore, Linda was able to figure out what kind of person Isolda was.

‘Maybe… this person might be the same type of person as me…’

A person who wasn’t swayed by emotions and treated others according to thorough reason.

Even though she used emotion as her main weapon, Linda also belonged to that category.

No, rather, because of that personality, she had no qualms about playing with other people’s emotions.

Of course, Jake was the only exception, as he was her childhood friend and the man she loved.

‘Anyway, with this, I know that the she is not a pushover. Cheh… well, she’s one of the upper ranks of Beden Merchant Company because she’s that kind of person, but…’

It didn’t make Linda despair or panic.

It didn’t matter even if the opponent wasn’t naive and weak-minded, that was because she had already taken such things into consideration.

However, it was also true that she had wanted to avoid it as much as possible because it was relatively risky compared to their previous actions.

Feeling regretful inside, Linda carefully looked at Isolda and said, “Of course, I am not simply asking for a loan.  I will, of course, offer a suitable collateral, so I just hope that you will be lenient.”


Unlike before, Isolda showed some interest in Linda’s words.

Feeling the time was right, Linda handed over a piece of paper she had prepared beforehand.

“This is?”

“As I said, we own a lot of iron mines. I will give you one of them as security for the loan.”

“Hmm… ”

Isolda slowly looked at the documents in her hand.

The iron mine that would be used as the collateral was the least mined among the mines Linda owned, and Linda thought that it would be good enough for now, as the other person didn’t have any way to know such a detail.

And, looking at through the documents, Isolda said in a quiet yet chilly voice.

“All right. If you are willing to pay collateral, we have no reason to refuse.”

“Ah… thank you! Thank you very much!”

Even though it was a painful thing to let go of the iron mine, it would all be okay as long as they managed to develop the gold mine. Then they would have no trouble if they wanted to take it back.

As she calmed down the uneasiness that lingered in her heart, Linda’s characteristic innocent and bright smile appeared on her face.

It was the same smile that she showed in front of so many people who were suffering.


“Whoa.. I think I’l be able to laze around for a bit now.”

A long way down from the south of Lugano.

Inside a special room of a large inn run by the Beden Merchant Company, Bahamut happily stretched his body.

The weather was still quite hot, and the long-distance carriage trip was still continuing.

Therefore, after finally being done with all the work, he felt like it was time for a summer vacation.

“It’s nice to travel around from time to time.”

Although there was still a long way to reach the destination. The excitement he was feeling at the moment reminded him of that one overseas trip he had in his previous life.

“I am such a blessed man. To be honest, it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit, but I never though that I’d be able to visit it like this… with such a beautiful woman next to me.”

With those words, Bahamut glanced behind him.

There, he spotted Ophelia’s slightly blushing face, as if she was a little embarrassed by her master’s words.

“Come to think of it… Ophelia, did you say it was your first time here as well?”

“Yes, it is, My Lord. I too have heard about it a few times, but I have never actually been there.”

“That’s great! Then let’s take this opportunity to see a lot of great things and eat a lot of delicious things. It’s rare to be formally invited here like this.”

“Yes! My Lord.”

Aside from sword training, Ophelia’s eyes shined only when they talked about eating.

Seeing her cute side, a smile automatically appeared at corner of Bahamut’s lips.

‘Isolda is proceeding smoothly with the field work. In addition, I was able to get an unexpected insurance. There won’t be any big problems this time either.’

While thinking that, Bahamut lay down on the bed since he was feeling a little tired. 

However, the next moment, Ophelia stood quietly in front of him.


Showing a slightly relaxed expression unlike before, Ophelia began to blush again.

“I… My Lord… the safety of this place has been perfectly confirmed…”

Feeling a bit suspicious, Bahamut asked, “Yeah, I guess. It’s a place run by our Company, so that much is expected. But do you want to say something?”

And, Ophelia hesitated and opened her mouth with some difficulty,  “So… well… that’s… My Lord… it’s been a long time since we’ve been alone together… and, it’s been a while… since…we…”

She looked like she was longing for something.

Then Ophelia shyly unbuttoned one of the buttons on her coat.

Seeing that, Bahamut finally understood what she wanted and at the same time began to feel his mood slowly heat up. 

“Hoohhh. If you want it that badly, then I will love you to the fullest, so come closer…”

The moment she heard that, a blissful, shy smile began to bloom on Ophelia’s lips.

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