Chapter 34: Disciplining the Nun VIII (part 1)

Humans always desired something better.

Bigger houses, wider tables, and more possessions— such human desire has been a powerful driving force for their development, but… sometimes, the same desire made humans take risks.

Taking risks in itself wasn’t something bad.

In order to gain something more, it was necessary to make new attempts, and the current development of the human race has also been achieved through taking many successful risks.

However, risks were always accompanied by danger.

It meant stepping out of a safe place, and into a dangerous rough terrain.

And that, in turn, created new opportunities for the person, but at the same time, it created another opportunity for someone else. 

The hunter, who is always aiming at his prey, looking for the right opportunity to strike.


“Haahh… ”

Taking a deep breath to relieve her tension, Linda Halls slowly entered the building.

The place where she arrived was the branch of the Beden Merchant Company in Lugano.

It was a place she had already visited for a few trades, but today it felt different.

“Welcome, Sister Linda.” A receptionist greeted her at the entrance.

Looking at her, Linda cautiously asked, with both expectation and anxiousness at the same time.

“That… is Lord Bahamut here?”

“No, Bahamut-sama was unable to come because he had an urgent business.”

“Is that so? ” Linda showed signs of disappointment at the receptionist’s words.

Although the story she had prepared and her actual purpose were different, the feelings she showed were sincere.

And, seeing her act like that, the receptionist opened her mouth with a little bit of encouragement.

“But I don’t think you need to get too discouraged. Lord Bahamut couldn’t come, but he sent a representative.” The receptionist said as she guided Linda to a room.

“A representative?” Sister Linda asked with a hopeful expression.

Then, after entering the room, Linda saw two women she had never seen before.

One of the women seemed to be at the same age as herself and the other was quite young.

Upon Linda’s entry, they politely greeted her.

“Hello. Are you the parish priest, Sister Linda Halls?”

“Ah.. yes, but… who are you?”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Isolda Evergarden. As the head of the Beden Merchant Company’s administrative department, I have come to respond to Sister Linda’s request on behalf of Lord Bahamut.”

“Ah… it that so! Nice to meet you, Miss Isolda.” Linda spoke in her usual innocent voice.

After the greetings, the woman named Isolda lightly gestured toward the chair, and Linda sat down accordingly.

“I have a rough idea about the matter. You want to take out a loan from our Company?”

“Yes.” Linda answered Isolda’s question with an anxious expression.

However, Isolda looked at her with cold eyes and asked, “Can you tell me why? As it turns out, I remember that the amount requested for the loan was not a small amount.”

“That’s… the truth is…” Linda stammered at Isolda’s intimidating words.

Isolda didn’t show any change in expression even after seeing her act like that, but Linda said in a sad voice regardless of Isolda’s attitude, “Miss Isolda-nim must have heard of the news. The Dragona Empire signed a

peace treaty with the Kingdom of Hangury a while ago.”

“Yes…but what does it have to do with this?” Isolda gestured her to keep going.

Therefore Linda continued to speak in a voice full of earnestness.

“Lord Bahamut has seen it before… the people of our parish has maintained their livelihood by mining and selling iron ore. Even so, life was not very good because of the harsh environment.”


“However, with the conclusion of the peace agreement this time, the price of iron ore has fallen significantly. In addition, even the customers who had been buying iron ore in the meantime has stopped their trade. Therefore, it came back as a fatal blow for our parish, which was depending on every single piece of iron ore.”

“And, so?”

Do you have anything else to say? — Isolda’s attitude expressed her intention.

It was a very arrogant attitude, but knowing very well that it was Isolda who had the initiative, Linda bowed her head and earnestly said, “Please! Although we don’t have customers right now and we are losing money, but sooner or later they will come back again. So at least… until then, help those poor people! I want you to help me a little so that I can feed them even one meal!”

“You need help… but that doesn’t sound very convincing. Unfortunately, we are not running a charity.”

Isolda showed a cold reaction to Linda’s words.

In response, Linda felt the anxiety she had been feeling since the first time she saw this woman grow even more.

‘This woman… as I thought… she’s not that simple.’

Usually Linda often used the method of appealing to people’s emotions when persuading them.

After all, most humans were dominated by their emotion, and it was possible to find gaps in even a cool-headed rational person using their emotions.

The more foolish the target was, the easier it was to make them give in to their emotions.

Even if they refused in the end, it would at least soften their hearts, and that served as a lever for Linda to drag the situation to her advantage.

However, the woman named Isolda, who was now in front of Linda’s eyes, didn’t have any gaps at all.

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  1. Getting a loan at this point is just stupid. This is most likely the entry point for her to become a slave and the irony is that the money she will get was probably paid by the other lord.

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